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Guest Post: What makes a Bride Beautiful

“Where lies thy beauty”- These cliched and overused lines do give us an insight that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but that’s just half the story…

We present to you the perspective of wedding photographers, on what makes a bride ‘beautiful’ and what the camera lens aims for in order to make her look ‘Picture Perfect’.

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Photo Source: Click My Dreams

As photographers, it is our job to keep looking for beauty wherever we can find it – be it in the people we encounter during a wedding shoot or before and after the shoot, and everywhere in between, or in the form of beautiful moments of interaction and exchanges between people. Time and again, this question gnaws us what exactly is beauty, especially what makes a woman beautiful? Is it the symmetry of her facial features or a well-proportioned figure? How could these be the yardsticks, when no two women look the same and yet we define them all beautiful? What, then, is the consistent definition of beauty that would stand the test of time? We have tried looking at brides through our camera’s eyes and introspected continually.

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Since the camera neither lies nor forgets, it allows us to use the pictures we capture to look for answers. It would be foolish to say that physical attributes don’t play any role in making a woman look beautiful, but we have observed that they are just a small part of the story. The camera helps us understand what we instinctively keep looking for in candid moments, is a woman’s individuality and her personality, and every woman has a unique personality that surfaces on the foundation provided by the common traits of being a woman. This individuality and personality defines the uniqueness in every woman’s beauty, yet leads to that one common feature that speaks volumes about it.

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“Yes, she looks gorgeous!” says the camera, when her features are well proportioned. “Yes, she looks stunning!” when well-chosen clothes and accessories drape her and accentuate her personality. The camera reveals her grace and innocence no matter how well she holds and hides them behind her womanly poise; it reveals that all those ingredients that make a woman gain value and meaning through her eyes. It is her eyes that see the world and respond to it, and it is these very eyes that our camera looks through to capture those moments of truth and beauty of a woman, a bride.  And this is what the camera looks for each time.


Submitted by: Click My Dreams

Click My Dreams is an endeavor to immortalize that eternal ceremony of sanctifying union of two souls in Marriage. Encapsulating precious moments in photographs and film, they aim to capture the right moments while the wedding ceremonies take place, till the vows are exchanged, and everything else in between. The team lends its love, labor and passion for playing with light, shadow and sounds to weave and narrate the story of their client’s first look, embrace, their family, their love, and their dreams.

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