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Guest Post: Wedding Trends Debunked!

Planning your wedding is hard enough, and finding unique ways to impress and entertain guests often proves to be an even tougher task. And as you wedding hop, you soon see the same features being used over and over again. Mason jars filled with candy, flowers and candles – it’s all been done and dusted. Here are some interesting and innovative ways to overcome some of the most overdone trends and some alternatives too.

The Guest Book
Historically, the guest book was a great way to log your guest list and also a way for them to leave you a quick message. Cut to 2016 and it has proved to become a book that sits on a rather lonesome table and is often ignored. More than often, couples are handed over a half-blank book in the end. Instead, opt for a video guest book, which can easily be organised by your videographer, and create a digital book that can be laughed over for years to come. Add a few props for your guests to use and a list of questions— funny moments, marriage advice – and voila! You have a fun feature that guests and you can enjoy forever.

video book

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks

Monogrammed Favors
Think back to the last wedding you attended and what you did with the ‘R&S Notepad’ you were gifted? More than likely, it is sitting somewhere collecting dirt. Chances are, you care more about the favors than your guests do. The formula is simple: don’t waste money on favors you wouldn’t want yourself. Instead, give the gift of memory to your guests and install a photo booth which prints an image of your friends against a background that represents you and your love. Allow for a quick printing service, and guests can take home a picture which will remind them of the great time they had at your wedding. Now, this we can guarantee will not get thrown out.

photo booth

Photo Source: Boho Weddings

Wedding Hampers
It is by the most wasteful trend that currently occurs at weddings. The thought behind wedding hampers is beautiful, but in reality it really doesn’t prove to work as well as the couple would like. Most of the time, those expensive Swiss chocolates and local coconut candy is found either binned or half-eaten. The alternative however, is not only engaging, but also charitable. Create a kiosk filled with all the goodies you want your guests to try. We often suggest you choose a range of local products to create an ambience and feel for your surroundings. Place the kiosk in a central location and provide paper bags, personalized if you like, and let guests fill up their bags with what they would like to try. Indicate to guests via a board or your wedding pamphlet that all leftover items will be donated to a local charity – this more than often guarantees less waste and in some instances, guests will come back to donate their unopened snack too.


Photo Source: One Fine Day Wedding Fair

The Baraat – Boys Only?
Traditionally, the groom would hop on a horse and be surrounded by his family and friends, as they paraded down to the bride’s home to “fetch” her. Let’s be honest here: it ain’t a party if the bride’s family and friends are not a part of it. Ditch the only “boy’s side” routine and call on the girl’s side to join in the fun and dance. In fact, you can also do without the pink colored safas for the bride’s side and yellow for the groom’s side. Mix it up and tell guests – there is no side. You are all on the same side.

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Photo Source: Lin and Jirsa

Trendy or not, your wedding should be one that you look back on with pride and happiness. So go without the usual humdrum traditions and jazz it up a bit – you will be surprised with the outcome.

Submitted by: Wedlocks Bangkok.


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