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Guest Post: Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-be

Suppose your best friend is about to get married. Even though you know almost everything about her, you might be completely confused as to what to get for her wedding. All you know is that you need to give her something memorable and unique which she’ll cherish. There are good gifts and then there are great gifts, which she can boast about to her kids in the future. For the wedding couple, it’s not the cost of the gift that matters – it’s just the thought that counts.

So here are the top four unique and customized gift ideas which you can get for the bride-to-be:

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  • Communication Station

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Communication is the foundation of every strong relationship. So, why don’t you gift them something which strengthens their communication – a communication station. A simple board which contains sentences like ‘You are…’ or ‘Can we…’, etc. The couple can customize the messages and add their own words like ‘You are awesome!’ or ‘Can we have dinner tonight’, etc.

  • Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


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To shower the bride with good luck, there is a traditional rhyme which goes like this – Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This could easily serve as a great gift idea as well. Get a basket and fill it up will each of these elements, and make it a gift to remember!

  • Faithful Pillow Cases

Pillow-case the wedding script dubai blog

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Customized pillow cases are available online easily and make for a good wedding gift. Drawings of hearts, flowers, crosses and some religious proses can be stitched on them, which mark a variety of things – celebration, joy, friendship, faith, etc. You can also add the names of your best friend and her groom to give it a personal touch.

  • Cash

cash gift the wedding script dubai blog

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You can never go wrong with cash. Sure, it’s a bit tacky, but if you think that your friend has everything she needs, then this the perfect gift for her. If they are planning to spend their honeymoon cruising or visiting another continent, then this will help them cover a portion of their expenses. If you want to be a bit more creative with this gift, then give them a money clip that has her initials engraved on them.

Submitted by: Personalized Gifts Guru

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