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Guest Post: Unique Wedding Stationery & Favors

Themed destination weddings have always been a popular trend. Today, we explore a few ideas that couples may find interesting when thinking about unique wedding stationery and favors for a destination wedding.


Photo Source: Design Dynamics

  1. Follow the wedding theme


Photo Source: Jiten Photography

Wedding stationery should be chosen according to the theme of the entire wedding. For example, for a beach-themed destination wedding, aspects of a beach (like sand, shells, etc.)* should be included.

  1. Unique ideas


Couples need to come up with ideas that have not been used before. A lot of research and thinking out of the box will be needed here before any decisions are made. For example, presenting a few of your guests with trophy prizes for various categories at one of the functions can work as a great idea. Gestures like these will never be forgotten and will also make your guests feel honored.

  1. Personalization is the key


Adding a personal touch to all items will add an extra charm to everything. For instance, you can have the wedding logo engraved on all return gifts and favors.

  1. Bridesmaids and groomsmen favors

This is a very big part of every wedding nowadays. The bride and groom have friends who have been with them through various phases in life and, on their special day, they want their friends to know how important they are. These favors should be given extra attention though – each friend should get something that differentiates them and their relationship with you from the other friend.


*Here’s a list of ideas for a beach themed destination wedding:

  • Beach-themed Save the Date Card – A heart shaped island filled with sand that contains the name of the bride and groom inside the sand. Nothing says Beach Destination more than this!


  • Beach themed Wedding Invite – The cover of the card holds actual sand and shells, further complimenting the Save the Date card. The inside of the card has pictures of the couple at beach destinations, with little quotes about love and a laser cut love story which is revealed as each insert is removed from the box card.


Photo Source: Mohak Cards

  • Boarding passes for a chartered flight – In theme with a destination wedding.


  • Key card holders for the hotel room keys, personalized with the wedding logo and also following the theme of a destination wedding.


  • Beach-themed Luggage tags & Room drops – Luggage tags for all the bags and a wedding magazine, hangover kit, room tags and water bottles (carbonated water) all personalized with the couple’s logo which adds a personal touch to it.


  • Cocktail menu – This menu has drinks named after the bride, the groom and both their families.


  • Bridesmaids’ kits – Each kit has a picture of the bride with the bridesmaid giving it a personal touch and each bridesmaid has a custom-made pyjama with a tag at the back, describing her relationship with the bride.


Submitted by: Shivani Bhojwani


Shivani Bhojwani ia a graphic designer at Design Dynamics in Nairobi, Kenya.

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