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Guest Post: Unique Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Never Forget!

There are two ways to make your wedding memorable: have everything fall apart at the last minute (everything from inappropriate wedding songs to a no-show caterer or a runaway bride), or do something to spice it up. There’s no way you’re going to be the first couple in history to have a picture-perfect, no-flaws wedding. All you can do is add a touch of unique flair to make sure your guests will remember the FUN they had, rather than the tiny hiccups.

We’ve come up with 5 unique wedding ideas to make your Big Day stand out from the rest. Add even one of these to your wedding, and you’ll never have to worry about being boring or cliché!

Fire Dancing

Photo Source: Polynesian Adventure Tours

Hawaiian fire dancers can heat up ANY wedding reception!

Fire dancing is a breathtaking display of skill, coordination and dexterity. The spinning fire poi and fire staves will light up the night and add a ‘wow’ factor to your wedding party. If you want live entertainment to astound your guests as they wait for dinner to be served, we highly recommend fire dancers.


Photo Source: Snap Entertainment

Caricaturists are the perfect addition to a wedding reception, as they will provide a source of entertainment for your guests without distracting from the main event. Your guests will be able to line up to get their picture drawn by the caricaturist. They can have fun laughing at the exaggerated nature of their faces. Best of all, they’ll have some original and hilarious memory to take home. Hiring a caricaturist can be much cheaper than preparing goodie bags and swag bags, but your guests will have something unique to remember your wedding by. It’s the best of both worlds—entertainment and gifts for the guests!

Casino Night

Photo Source: Crescent Moon Foundation

Adding a ‘Casino Night’ theme to your Wedding Reception can definitely make it a one-of-a-kind event. For the happy couple who wants to actually ENJOY their wedding party without the spotlight being on them, this is a good way to do so. You can have fun gambling and playing along with your guests.

A Casino Night is an awesome theme for two reasons:

  1. Your guests can try to ‘buy’ prizes. They gamble for the usual chips, and they can trade them in for awesome prizes (flat screen TV, electronics, random gifts, etc.).
  2. You can raise money for the honeymoon. Give the guests a small buy-in ($10 to $20), and you can keep the money for the expenses on your honeymoon.

Try this theme—it’ll be a lot of fun for everyone!

Stand-Up Comedian

Photo Source: Wise Geek

What could be more enjoyable than spending your wedding laughing at a stand-up comedian? Live comedy is a great addition to your wedding, as laughter helps to lift the spirits of your guests. Just make sure to bring the comedian on after the wedding toasts, but before the dancing.

Singing Waiters

Photo Source: Meklamn’s Blog

Talk about a unique wedding idea! Singing waiters are a great addition to any wedding—heck, to any event! They can sing to the bride, groom and their guests as they serve them food. Instead of having the entertainment after the meal, you can have it take place DURING the meal.

If you’re trying to add spice and an element of freshness to your wedding, give these ideas a try. They’re as unique and original as it gets, so you can make the wedding amazing for you and your guests alike.

Submitted by: Dan Carthy

Dan has worked in the event management industry for five years and is currently an event manager for the UK-based company Venueseeker. His portfolio includes many successful event planning projects for companies across various niches. He is currently a regular contributor for his company’s blog site. Follow him on Twitter at @DanCarthy2.

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