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Guest Post: Unique Bridal Shoe Accessories

A bride’s shoes are the details no one wants to miss. They are the deal-breakers, especially since, if chosen wisely, they help her shine on her Big Day. There are some unique shoe accessories available nowadays as well, which help the bride remain stress-free and add a touch of sparkle to her ‘fairytale’ look.

Heel Stoppers

the wedding script - clean heels dubai vendor blog heel stopper

Photo Source: Dees Boutique

All a bride wants is to protect her feet from standing on heels the entire day, while making sure her newly-bought heels don’t sink into the grass or get messy and help her look glamorous and pretty. For such brides, a pair of clever and discreet shoe accessories has been created, namely Heel Stoppers/ Protectors, which are worn mainly during outdoor weddings – in the grass, sand, boats or on cobblestones, antique floors and wooden decks. Not only do they protect the bride’s beloved heels from sinking and getting scuffed in grass or stuck in the gaps of boardwalks, they add a tinge of glamour and help her balance on the balls of her feet all day. These are available in clear or black, black or white Rose Flowers and Crystal Designs.

Heel Sleeves

the wedding script - heel sleeves dubai vendor

Heel sleeves are yet another accessory a bride should not do without. They add an extra protection to a bride’s glamorous crystal-studded or sequinned shoes, and need to be worn before slotting on the heel stopper. It protects stilettos with a flexible tubing and guard against gravel, cobbles, decking, escalators, driving and grass.


the wedding script - clean heels dubai vendor blog

Photo Source: Dees Boutique

These novel and practical solutions can even serve as a thoughtful gift for your friend’s bridal shower or can be given as wedding favours at beach weddings too. Brides can now breathe a sigh of relief and share these little and cute unique shoe accessories with their bridesmaids. For all you know, they’d all decide to wear matching heel stoppers/sleeves!

Submitted by: Dees Boutique

the wedding script - dees boutique dubai vendor

Dees Boutique is a stockist of exclusive items that have been sourced by its owner, Dee, from worldwide locations. They sell unique shoe accessories such as Clean Heels, Heel Sleeves, Shoe Licks, “I Do” Stickers and CORE swim Sun and Swim wears, Chakra jewellery from Australia ‘I Love Chakra’, The Dress (multi way dress) from Plume Hats.

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