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Guest Post: Trendy Engagement Ring Styles Of 2017!

Are you at that point in your life where you’re considering of purchasing a diamond ring? Do you have that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat every time you gaze at her? If you’re ready to make the promise for everlasting memories, then you cannot compromise with how you make the move.

Diamond has always been used as an approach to show commitment and promise eternity bonds. The most expressive and charming way of saying ‘I Love You’ is best said with a diamond. So small and yet so powerful!

So use a diamond to spark the love. There are various diamond rings available that offer a magnificent range of options – from single to two stone, brightly shining, and perfectly designed fitted diamonds that speak for you loud and clear. Your feelings should be fitted strongly as a commitment into the finest quality metal and design, so that when you speak for your future, your proposal ring says it all.

And if 2017 is the year for your proposal, then here’s a list of some trendy engagement ring styles for this year:

  • The Iconic Minimalist

Photo Source: Pinterest

A setting where the center diamond is adorned with the graduating side stones is simply beautiful. Although these rings bring back the 1960s fashion era, the appeal to this style is permanent and alluring.

  • The Modern Romantic Version

Photo Source: Stylish Board

This engagement ring style symbolizes a bold bride that has a bold sense of style as well. The very interesting geometric shapes with strong lines form the best kind of ring to be proposed with.

  • The Elevated Vintage

Photo Source: Aida Designs US

Something that gets old becomes new with rings which establish a vintage trend yet provide something extra for an exquisite look. This ring is lavish, distinctive and very royal to turn heads.

  • The Solitaire Plus

Photo Source: Aida Designs US

For a very chic looking bride, a classic solitaire does the magic. The East-West stone orientation is fun, quirky and very mysterious in its own way.

  • The Updated Pave

Photo Source: Bridal Guide

Do sparkling pave set diamonds alarm your interest? An intimate surprise from the sides and a fresh new look from the top, this ring is flashy and delicately refined at the same time.

  • The Twists

Photo Source: Blue Nile

Unique and delicate, the intertwined bands are the new appeal of the year. They are an absolute must for a fun loving bride, who is sophisticated at the same time.

  • The Opulent Hues

Photo Source: Bridal Guide

A beautiful colorful gemstone setting will appeal to vivacious free spirits who want to break the bridal mould. Pick any color you want, the design, the fitting and ask your ring designer to make a custom engagement ring for your love.

  • The Rose Gold Look

Photo Source: Engagement Rings Gallery

These look ultra-feminine, flirty and fun and have a huge crowd following. The softness of the rose gold hue is flattering, but will be a perfect match for all skin tones.

  • The Whimsical Blooms

Photo Source: Pinterest

This ring has drawn inspiration from the al fresco, flowy and floral aesthetics of the most recent bridal show. The dresses were inspired by the vine and petal details, while the ring forms a gorgeous garden look.

So go pick a diamond – it’s a gesture that alone promises your love and commitment strongly and forever!

Submitted by: Ivana Smith

Ivana writes about jewelry trends for Aida Design US and this is where she goes to keep track of all the little pretties that make her smile. She assists with a variety of projects, including content creation, research and moderation. She focuses on writing to make sure that her readers are abreast with the latest jewelry trends and find exactly what they’re looking for.

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