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Guest Post: Top Wedding Cake Trends 2017!

Wedding cakes are no longer classic desserts just like they were many years ago. Today, wedding cakes are real pieces of art. Cake bakers are always trying to follow the latest trends to satisfy the needs of the newly-weds. It is advisable to adjust the design of the cake according to the dress of the bride. White cake fits best with a dress in the same color, beige and gold cakes fit best with a wedding dress in a champagne color. Just like clothing lines change from season to season, so do wedding decorations and cakes.

Here is a small list of wedding cake trends you can follow in 2017:

Cake with pastel shades

Photo Source: Pinterest

The combination of subtle colors lends the perfect shade to the cake, which can be combined with the decoration of the tables. Pastel tones serve as great details for every wedding cake.

Cake with birds

Photo Source: Etsy

Cakes in the form of a cage or cakes with small bird figurines on top will be very popular this year.

Cake decorated with rhinestones

Photo Source: Pinterest

Elegant wedding cakes decorated with rhinestones and brooches will never go out of fashion.

Chocolate cake

Photo Source: 2017 Get Married

Can you imagine anything more delicious than a chocolate cake? Of course not. Chocolate cakes are irresistibly tasty and inspiring. The combination of strawberries and chocolate will be very interesting this year.

Wedding cake with wavy lines

Photo Source: Pinterest

One of the newer techniques when it comes to wedding cakes is to create wavy structures around the perimeter of the cake. It can easily be done with fondant and whipped cream.

Vintage wedding cake 

Photo Source: Not on the High Street

Bows, beads, brooches… It brings us back to the ’40s and ’50 and gives us the feeling that we are in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’.

If you still want flowers, there are wedding cakes that will cost you less compared to any of these incredible designs. Search the Internet, buy catalogs and find the perfect cake for your wedding day. You can even choose some interesting figurines of newly-weds and make it unique and funny. Do not forget that cutting the wedding cake will be the first thing you and your partner will be asked to do together.

Submitted by: Rana Tarakji


Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at StylerailSugarmooCarhireiceland and several others.

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