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Guest Post: Top Tips For Hosting Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding can be incredibly beautiful and romantic. After all, what can be more romantic than being joined to your soulmate surrounded by the bounty of nature? However, it’s not that easy to pull off the perfect outdoor wedding and you may find several pitfalls while putting it all together. Here are some top tips for outdoor weddings to ensure you can get hitched without a hitch at gorgeous wedding venues, such as McHughs of Cheltenham!

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• Ensure Your Guests are Comfortable

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You need to consider the weather for your outdoor wedding. If you’re expecting the weather to be bright and sunny, then you can’t leave your guests melting uncomfortably in their seats. You can hire ushers to offer your guests some ice cold water or you can print the wedding program on fans, so that they can keep themselves cool. If you’re expecting cold and wet weather, then you should instruct your guests to wear warm clothes or you can rent portable heaters to keep them warm.

• Put Together a Backup Plan

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Do you have any plans for what to do if your wedding is rained out? Any ideal outdoor wedding is one that comes complete with an indoor location ready to go, just in case. Most people having an outdoor wedding will hold the ceremony outside and have the reception inside. If something goes wrong with the weather, you can just push the tables to the back and use the reception location for the ceremony as well. You can consider getting married in a tent as well, but this is only good for light rain, as heavy rain will still soak through the ground beneath the tent.

• What About Wind?

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Given how many outdoor weddings get hit by wind problems, you need to plan ahead. Avoid using light fabrics like silks and chiffons for your dresses and let your hairstylist know that you’ll be getting married outdoors, so that they can give you a suitable style. The men of the wedding party should use styling products like pomade. You should also ask your guests to be prepared for gusts themselves. Finally, if you’re using a tent, make sure it can stand strong in the face of the wind or have that indoor backup plan ready.

• Make Sure Everyone Can Hear

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One of the problems with getting married outdoors is that you’ll be contending with the sounds of nature. The good news is that this problem can be overcome easily. Consider renting a good sound system and clip mikes for all the important people (the bride, groom and officiant) to ensure even those in the back row can hear those important ‘I do’s’. You might be able to get some help for this from the band or DJ.

• Set Your Watch by the Sun

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Is there anything more romantic than a sunset? Consider timing out the outdoor wedding so that you and your loved one can make your vows surrounded by the warmth and glow of a stunning sunset. If you’re holding your outdoor wedding during daylight hours, then you have to coordinate things to ensure the sun is behind your guests rather than in their eyes, or they won’t be able to see anything!

With some careful planning and a little forethought, you can guarantee a beautiful outdoor wedding that no one will ever forget.

Submitted by: Hunny Sharma

Hunny Sharma is a freelance writer and wedding enthusiast living in New Zealand.

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