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Guest Post: Top 3 Wedding Basics to Keep in Mind!

When someone mentions ‘the most important day of your life’, you either think about the birth of your child or your wedding. And while the first one needs a lot of work and can be quite traumatizing despite its happy ending, your wedding day is what some of us are preparing for our whole lives. So, before you say ‘I do’, let’s go over the three wedding basics you need to keep in mind if you want the most important day of your life to go as smoothly as possible.

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1. Stick to Your Decisions

We’re not talking about picking out a groom and not changing your mind in the mean time! As you probably know, weddings can be pretty expensive, as there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of in order for everything to work smoothly. In that regard, try to refrain from adding things on top of your original plans, as it may lead you to going over your budget sooner than you might expect.

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Furthermore, try to create a reasonable timeline. A schedule is very important for a great wedding, and if you respect and follow it, you shouldn’t have any unforeseen changes happening during your Big Day. So, whether you’re deciding on your budget or trying to come up with a good schedule, just do your best to stick to whatever decision you’ve made – it will make things much easier for you and all of your guests.

2. Some Details Are More Important Than Others

Now that we’ve been over the financial and time-related aspects of a good wedding, let’s take a look at the less abstract things you will encounter while planning your ceremony.

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Naturally, you would assume that it’s all about making the big picture look perfect, but in reality, the whole ‘this looks and feels awesome’ impression comes down to nailing the perfect details. For example, don’t try to make your favorite color pop up everywhere, but make it the loudest one at your wedding and try to contrast it as much as you can. This will make people notice it but it won’t be overwhelming at any point, which does happen when you make every single thing in the same color.

3. Take a Breather

Planning and having the best possible wedding is serious business and requires a lot of effort and concentration, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to take a break every now and then from the whole ordeal.

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The soon-to-be-newlyweds are expected to be present and at the top of their game at every moment during the wedding. However, nobody expects you to work like robots that don’t get tired at all. The best time to take a break from the wedding is the night before it actually happens. The groom could read a book, while the bride watches her favorite TV show before they fall asleep – this will make them relaxed and more prepared for the hectic day that awaits them.

Submitted by: Stefan Simonović

Stefan works as a Content Outreach Manager at First Beat Media, that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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