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Guest Post: The Perfect Bridal Nails

Everyone wants to have beautifully presented and good-looking nails, especially on their wedding day. Every nail technician seems to have their own idea about how ‘perfect nails’ should look like on one’s wedding day, and hence there are various bridal nail trends.

So if you have a wedding on the horizon, here are a few tips on how to get your nails looking absolutely fabulous!

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Photo Source: Glam Nails

Groom your bridal nails

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Not only do you want to look perfect for the groom, family and friends, but your nails will also be preserved forever in pictures and videos. Hence, if they do not look perfect, you may be disappointed afterwards. Rather than risk poorly presented nails, you should plan how your perfect bridal nails should look and find out how to maintain the manicure in the days leading up to your wedding day. Do you want a natural look or something that will really stand out? Are you matching the color and style to your wedding dress or to the décor of the celebration venue? If you are hosting a themed wedding, you can carry it through to your nails. You also have to decide on the shape of your nails and whether you are going to apply acrylics. With a million colors to choose from, matte and gloss varnishes and beads, jewels and motifs to add, you can be sure of boasting nails as individual as you are.

Preparing your hands and nails for your Big Day

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Long before you get your nails adorned, take a look at your hands and nails and be honest – do they look good enough to put on display to the world?  Is your skin soft with cuticles trimmed and hands that look well cared for?  If not, take the time to get some expert attention in the time leading up to your wedding. Soaking your hands in warm water, applying ample moisturiser, tidying up the cuticles and repairing any nail damage will bring your nails to a state in which they’ll be ready to be beautified.

Salon or Home visit?

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Have you considered the benefits of having a Luxury Home Spa Salon to look after your nails instead of your regular visit to the salon? With a hundred things on your mind on the days leading to your Big Day, a visit from a reputable and professional salon member to your home at your convenient time could be worth a short. Since it’s the most important day of your life, you might as well treat yourself. A home visit provides the best of both worlds as you don’t have to make a journey to the salon and you can tick off the services from your checklist as well. You can be relaxed and comfortable in your own environment and let the professionals do their job while it fits your schedule.

Some home spa salons now offer much more than glamorous manicure and pedicures – gel and acrylic, a well-deserved soothing massage, full body waxing, blow dry and many other services – in order to prepare you for the Big Day, all carried out in the comfort of your home.

Keep a lid on your wedding stress and enjoy every minute of it.

Submitted by: Glam Nails

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