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Guest Post: Rainbow-themed Pre-Wedding Celebration

Nowadays, pre-wedding celebrations are becoming trendy and famous, amongst which, the Rainbow theme stands as the most popular. Here are some ideas as to how you can incorporate this fun theme into your wedding celebration as well.

colored wedding the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Candid Kama Photography

Colorful Wedding Invitation

Rainbow-Invitation the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Whippy Weddings

You can start by making your invitation arrangements colorful – either send a colorful invitation card or a bouquet of colored flowers along with your invite. Apart from that, you can opt for various yet unique options such as presenting an envelope filled with colors. As the pre-marriage celebrations are mainly held privately (publicly in some cases), the occasion can also be celebrated by using Color Powder and Color Guns.

Usually, these kinds of color celebrations were held at the time of an Indian festival, Holi (known as the festival of colors). But now this color-filled celebration is celebrated all over the world, wherein there are no holds barred with respect to the enjoyment and experiment with this occasion.

Rainbow wedding cake

wedding-cakes the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Cakechooser & Brides

If you are looking for a unique way to add Holi Colors to your wedding, consider ordering a super bright and colorful cake. A terrific idea for a summer wedding Reception would be to have a wedding cake that is decorated with all the colors of the rainbow.

The great thing about a cake that is decorated with every color under the sun is that it will go with any wedding color scheme. So whether your whole wedding is a riot of colors, from your bouquets to your custom bridal jewelry, or if your style is focused on mostly crisp summer whites, a rainbow cake is sure to add a playful surprise and will be delightful either way! You can prepare the cake and then make the appropriate arrangements with the colors, thus ensuring a happy reaction from your lady love.

Save-The-Date Color Powder Photo shoot

Color-powder-photoshoot the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks & Color Marathon

A photo shoot is a must to capture the special moments of a pre-marriage celebration. Most save-the dates include the couple lost into each other’s eyes. But if you wish to add a unique and funky yet romantic touch to it, you can now opt to incorporate colored powder into your photo shoot. In the pictures above, the couples are seen bouncing the powder into the air and coloring each other’s faces (literally!). This seemed to be the day their affection took flight!

wedding-color-dress the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Photoshoot Idea & Alix Passage Photography

The above picture is a perfect example of spring paint war minis! You can buy the paint online, and need to wear dark OR white shirts and just be prepared to have some insane amount of paint fun! This product is named Powder Paint, aka Holi Powder, and it originates from India and is utilized for the Festival of Color and the Festival of Love. It is completely okay for kids to use and effortlessly washes out of clothes.

Submitted by: Liza Ray

Liza Ray is an artistic writer and guest blogger based in the USA, with a strong passion in writing for various topics such as Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Photography, Fashion, and a lot more. She is currently associated with Color Marathon, an Online Color Powder Supplier. She encourages Fundraising Events held in the USA.

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