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Guest Post: Professional Wedding Planner vs. On-site Coordinator

‘What is the difference between an independent wedding planner and a on-site venue coordinator?’ is the question on every wedding couple’s mind. Lots of venues advertise hiring a planner on site, which seems to be more feasible, and hence several couples think they don’t really need to hire a planner. We discuss the benefits of hiring a professional planner, from the perspective of a professional wedding planner from India.

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“Chotu! Woh phool cross mein lagao, seedha nahi!”, an image of a sleep-deprived person comes to mind, who has no make-up on, no jewelry, no heels – that is just your wedding planner being the one person you can’t afford to be, especially with the same glee and excitement that you hold to see your Big Day taking shape.

Professional wedding planners not only assist you with making the right decisions, but they also help you see different aspects of the wedding you may have not accounted for. By hiring a planner in your city, your role as a bridal party remains the same, while the wedding planners are responsible for every single thing months before, on the day and even after the wedding paraphernalia’s are done with. Not only do they create wedding sets and send out invitations, there is more to it than that! And yes, much much more than an on-site Venue Coordinator!

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Your wedding planner becomes your financial planner

Your money is important to you and us, we want to make sure every penny spent gives you double the happiness and joy. Hence it is our responsibility to make sure you spend on the right things and get super cost-effective and luxury bargains through our network and contacts!

Your wedding planner shares your vision.

“I don’t want to be a bride-zilla, but so far my attempts at getting people to respect my wishes aren’t working” – story of every bride. Your wedding planner works to become your genie, because we know it is YOUR day. Only difference is, there is no limit to the amount of wishes you have. We see your wedding the way you see it and work to move mountains and get that done.

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Your wedding Planner becomes your best friend.

“Salmon or Halibut, it dosen’t matter to me!” – Phoebe Buffay

“Well, it matters to me!” – Monica Geller, the wedding planner.

A wedding planner does just that, everything on your Big Day has to be perfect. Your wedding planner is the best friend you have and there is a high possibility that by the end of it, your wedding planner will realize what you need before you realize you need it.

Your wedding planner becomes your stylist.

Wedding planners come in with a host of experiences, planning soirees for the ocean of cultural diversity that is a part of India. We have a knack to put together parts of that experience to create a unique and personal style for you which we understand by being your best friend

Your wedding planner becomes your shoulder to lean on.

All weddings are stressful, and more often than not, everyone in the family is stressed as well. Your wedding planner is your shoulder to lean on when times get too stressful, we are there to comfort you, to calm you down and to make sure you are at your comfortable peak through the entire process.

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At the end of it all we can say is…



Submitted by: The Wedding Co.

The Wedding Co. specializes in stylish, exclusive & exceptional weddings. Their team of wedding designers that are based in Mumbai, India, provide a variety of wedding planning services for the modern bride and groom. The resource network they have developed over the years helps them provide their clients with turnkey solutions, after gaining an in-depth understanding of what their expectations are.

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