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Guest Post: Preparing your Kids to attend a Wedding

Going to a wedding as a family is a wonderful occasion, but taking your children with you can really cause some justified worrying on your part. As a guest, you wouldn’t want your child to start crying or complaining during the ceremony or the speeches. Preparing your child to be a guest at the wedding might be a challenge, but you know your kids best which will definitely aid you in the preparation.

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Talk to your kids

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Different children have different personalities. If your kid is old enough to understand the importance of proper behavior during a wedding and you usually deal with any possible problem by talking it out, this would be a good time to start explaining the wedding “rules” as well. You can start with an innocent and interesting quiz about what weddings are, what happens during the ceremony, what the guests do, etc., in order to tackle the ways in which a child should behave on this day.

Promise a reward

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If you’re well aware that the wedding is going to become boring for your kids at one point, approach them with this in mind. Show them that you realize that this is not something really fun for them, but that you’ll show gratitude for their understanding and good behavior, and perhaps get them that toy they wanted if everything goes well.

Call your sitter in advance

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Some weddings start really early and there’s absolutely no way for a child to go through the entire day in a good mood. Therefore, call your babysitter in advance and explain the situation. If you notice that your child is getting really tired or cranky, you can call your babysitter to come and pick the child up so that they can go home together without disturbing the happy couple and other guests.

Bring the survival kit

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Everyone is more than understanding towards the parents of young children and no one would consider it rude if you were to bring their favorite toys or coloring books to the wedding. That way you’d have a backup solution to keep them entertained. What’s more, you can even carry their favorite snacks with you so that they can’t complain about being hungry at the most inconvenient moment. Also, do carry another set of wedding-appropriate clothing so that the kids can change if they get dirty and be ready for the wedding pictures.

Allow the fun

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There will be other children at the wedding as well, so do yourself and your kids a favor by allowing them to go and play with their peers. That way you’ll be able to relax a little and the children will also have fun with someone they can connect with. Moreover, if there are other children at the wedding, chances are that the happy couple has already arranged a special space or entertainment for kids.

Do your best before the wedding

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Make sure that your kids are well-rested before the wedding and have had a good night’s sleep. They shouldn’t be skipping any meals just because they’ll be having lunch or dinner at the wedding. Kids need their energy and if you don’t want them complaining and asking for snacks right after you arrive, make sure they’ve been fed at home.

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Even with all these tips, there might still be some unforeseen circumstances at the wedding. If this happens, try your best not to get angry because the kids will not react well. Keep your cool, stay calm, allow your kids to tell you what’s wrong and bring them away from the crowd to deal with any kind of issue they might be having in a patient and understanding manner.

Submitted by: Tracey Clayton

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in her parenting articles. She’s also passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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