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Guest Post: Personalizing your Wedding with Balloons

If there’s one thing that can uplift the mood of a couple, it is the balloons’ decoration which could lend a special and energetic feel to the wedding. An auspicious wedding event must also be loaded with fun and excitement and, it for this reason, that we have come up with the trendiest and most classy balloons’ decoration for a wedding event.

Photo Source: Raymond Lee Jewelers & Britta Marie Photography

Balloons as a beautiful backdrop

balloons the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Happily Ever Borrowed

A simple decoration of multi-color balloons can go a long way in adding some color to the party. To add an element of fun, one could create a wedding backdrop by hanging the balloons on the back wall or let the confetti or theme-colored balloons loose and allow them to float in the background. By sticking a set of balloons on the backdrop, a heart shape or any other design could also be created. Red and white balloons would be the ideal fit here, but you could even make the backdrop shine by using confetti or bonbon balloons.

heart balloon

Photo Source: Brit + Co

Super Seating Charts and Escort Cards

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Guests are being given a VIP treatment via this simple chic idea, wherein they are provided escort cards which are hanging from some beautiful balloons. They are then required to pop the balloons and find the number of the chair reserved for them. Or else, one can tie a photo in the same manner, and guests have to pop the balloon and find their chair number. It becomes an entertaining act for the guests, as they slowly start enjoying popping the balloons.

Ceremony Décor

Photo Source: Gift Blooms

A simple yet charming décor look can be achieved by using white and ivory balloons. If you opt for a colored theme, you can arrange balloons of the same color. Walking down an aisle decorated with balloons is one of the most exciting things for the couple. You could also attach the balloons on each party chair and let it float in the air. To add an X factor, you can ask the little flower girl to walk with a single balloon before the bride and groom enter. Highlight the party with confetti or personalized photo balloons on the wedding chair.

Letter Balloons that spell special sentiments

Photo Source: Send Flowers and More

You can also try this innovative idea by hanging balloons that spell a wedding couple’s name or hashtag. There are unlimited letter balloons available to capture the auspicious moment, which will help evoke the romanticism and thoughtfulness for this day.

Cake Topper

balloon cake topper the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Brit + Co

Simply glue the balloons on a single stick or a couple of sticks and insert them in the cake to get a showstopper cake decoration. Balloon toppers serve as wonderful cake toppers and are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Memorable Getaway Car Decoration

Photo Source: Bridal Guide

Bless a newly married couple a happy journey on the road called life by attaching balloons on their wedding car. You can stick photo balloons with silk strings or try other decorative crafts with balloons.

Hence, balloons can nicely be incorporated in every aspect, starting from the wedding chair, to a photo backdrop to a get-away decoration. Try using these fun ideas and make your auspicious wedding event a memorable one.

Submitted by: Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a creative writer by passion and marketing professional by profession – a tech-savvy who is currently associated with Giftblooms, an Online Gift Store.  For over 10 years, she’s been working with eCommerce agencies to gain more revenue and better sales. She holds relevant industry experience and writes about Fashion, Lifestyle and Food-Beverages.

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