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Guest Post: Inspiration is Everywhere!

Wedding planning consists of the following emotions: excitement (lots of it), confusion, stress and eventually you might find yourself breaking your head against a wall! More often than not, the problem is not the organizational side of the wedding, but the idea generation. It’s not good enough to own a few Pinterest boards, to collect magazine cut outs and to surf the web for original undone ideas – you will find that you will start to run through the same ideas over and over again.


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Instead, start your brainstorming session at a very basic level – yourself. Typically the ideas and concepts will need to come from you, the bride. Look for inspiration within yourself. Ask yourself the questions: What do I stand for? What do I like and dislike, adore and detest? Often an intervention is all you need to kick-start your idea bucket. Look at your relationship. What defines you and him? A hobby, interests, passions for the arts? Usually all these answers, when put together, form the foundation and create the ‘feel’ of your wedding.

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When you’re done with a complete self-analysis, take a look around you. Your surroundings – home, work, family and friends, lifestyle. What makes you tick and alternatively, what ticks you off? Think about your heritage – what about your history? Is this something you want to incorporate? Sometimes, it a good idea to chat with your parents and even grandparents about their weddings – the best ideas come from vintage weddings and events. Prized processions and heirlooms too can be incorporated into your wedding and often create an ambience that is unique and personal.

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Once the intrinsic evaluation is over, it is time to head outdoors. Look in the shops, magazines, and of course, the internet. The key here is to look through current wedding trends, and instead create your own. Look for images that create an overall sense of your vision – modern, fresh, clean, traditional, ethereal. Pick out elements you like versus an entire look. If you’re an outdoor person, it’s always good to blend your love for flowers, fresh air and greenery into your mood boards.


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Lastly, take a look at your venue. Destination weddings tend to combine the local culture with the bride and grooms. That fusion is your starting point. Using your venue to its maximum potential can often help set the mood, tone and feel of your wedding.


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Planners will often tell you, “Your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you.” And while this is completely true, they won’t know what encompasses you both, until you don’t know.

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