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Guest Post: How to hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding day – a day filled with love, romance, family and all things beautiful. But as all couples state under oath that although wedding arrangements are tons of fun, there is no getting away from the tedious task of planning a wedding. It includes deadlines, drama, endless details and, of course, too much stress that leaves you all baffled and puzzled.

We all want a wedding where ‘love’ is the theme and ‘fun’ becomes the emotion of the day; and you may, in all possibilities, hire a wedding planner to ease you from all the worries. He will embrace your style and vision and orchestrate your wedding from start to finish.

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Well, we must say that it’s a lot easier to hire any other vendor than a planner, for example a photographer, because you may get to know them through their work displayed over the website. But wedding planners fall in between. Their job is both visual and logistical, and while you may be able to see the visual aspect through their website, the logistics will be hard to showcase.

Now before you are on pins and needles, follow the below listed guidelines and ask the listed questions to your wedding planner. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect professional who is more of an extension of you and your thoughts, and who will help you realize the desired wedding of your dream.

  1. Are they available?

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Since he will be your point person in every step of the way, you will have to find someone who is not only organised and professional, but also makes you feel at ease and be someone you can trust. Ask them if they are free on your wedding date and then hire them. Keep your options open though.

  1. What services do they offer?

f5 weddings dubai blogThis is a very important one, since there are plenty of details involved in a wedding and there are chances you may realise whose responsibility is it only during the course of your wedding. So be clear on the roles and responsibilities you want to entrust to the planner. A lot of this information is not on their website. Ask them if they will coordinate the entire wedding, including event design, invitation design and distribution, logistics, travel, entertainment, permissions etc. Also, check on their competency to handle difficult situations, if any, and contingency measures to tackle such emergencies.

  1. What are their fees?

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This is one area which is not completely broken down, until all vendors are hired. This applies when most vendors are brought by the planner. So, ask for any hidden extra costs before you sign on that dotted line. Whether they work on a percentage or a fixed fee, be clear to spell every responsibility and then delegate – exactly what is and what isn’t included in the fee they have quoted, etc. Look for a planner who fits your budget and not otherwise. A good planner is someone who will recommend budget-friendly venues and creative alternatives to help your budget stay on track.

  1. How many weddings have they handled and have they executed any destination weddings?

This will help boost your confidence in the planner. There is a lot more planning involved if you have a guest list of 300 compared to an event of 75 guests. A seasoned planner is more capable of handling details, guests and vendors at your wedding. Also, if you are having a destination wedding you may want to find out if they have planned any, as this requires an extra layer of co-ordination, like travel logistics, planning a welcome dinner, putting together welcome bags and handling unfamiliar vendors.

  1. Check if they will co-ordinate with all the other vendors

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There is a lot happening at a wedding, especially if it’s a destination wedding. You may want to check with the planner if he and his team will take care of every detail and every vendor involved like the florists, stage decors, caterers, hotel staff, photographer and even families.

  1. Let the planner showcase his creativity

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It’s extremely important that you explain to your planner how you want the wedding to be and let him come up with some creative ideas. A great planner will always give methods to your madness and connect with your thoughts to deliver a dream wedding.

Other than the above mentioned points, you may also conduct a review check of the planner and read testimonials of their previous clients. Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding.

Happy planning!!


Submitted by: F5 Weddings

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