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Guest Post: Grooming the Groom – The Wedding Shirt

Gentlemen, the moment of reckoning approaches. The day your soon-to-be-missus has long been dreaming of and the day you have been thinking of since she brought it up. Truth be told, most men look forward to their wedding day. Let’s face it: all we have to do is show up. Our future brides have a certain idea of what they want, and we’re more than happy to let them grab the reins.


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There is one aspect of the wedding day that lies upon our shoulders – the outfit. Needless to say, this special occasion warrants looking your best. While there are endless variations and combinations of suits, tuxedos and even the occasional kilt, the common denominator with every groom’s ensemble is the Shirt.  With our indifference towards colors and palettes, this can be a feat for many.

The Color


Collar and cuff styles are definitely a dealer’s choice. Nothing screams class and elegance like a crisp, white shirt – be it buttoned up for the ceremony or buttoned down for when you and your new bride hit the dance floor. The versatility of a white shirt will allow you to work with different colors and patterns while selecting the rest of your ensemble. Considering the formalities of the day, generally a solid color shirt is recommended, but venture outside your comfort zone with colors, patterns and textures (tentative to your future bride’s approval, of course). Alas, what remains a priority is ensuring that your ensemble does not clash with the bridal party and, heaven forbid, the bride. Consult with your bride-to-be what shade of white her gown is, and do your best to complement it with your shirt color.

The Fabric


Another tidbit we lads overlook is the quality and fabric of our shirts. Considering the entire day will be spent wearing it, it is important that the right fabric is selected considering the weather and your body type. A slightly thicker fabric like Twill or even Pinpoint always works well, as it would not show creases as prominently as finer fabrics would, and would drape well over most body shapes. Furthermore, if you are not particularly partial to undershirts, a thicker shirt fabric would keep unsightly sweat stains at bay, especially during those pesky summer months. Still, it would not hurt to wear one!

The Fit


Gentlemen, you have selected the color, style and fabric; and now it’s time for the piece de resistance, the fit. This is the culmination of time and effort spent towards the initial stages of finding your correct shirt. Without the correct fit, it would have all been for naught.

For your collar, an ideal fit would allow room for one finger space between your neck and the buttoned collar. Also, make sure the collar is fitted with collar stays to give it that sharp crisp look. Remember, collars are what frames are to portraits – it holds everything together. So take your time in selecting the collar that would best enhance your features.

Sleeves must be quarter to half an inch longer than your suit jacket sleeve for barrel cuffs and a good half-inch for French cuffs. A longer length shirt would also sit well and neat when tucked in, especially if you plan on keeping it tucked in throughout the day.

The Prep


Ensure your masterpieces are completely crafted well before your big day. Do a few practice runs with your whole outfit to work out any kinks. This will give you the luxury of making any alternations/adjustments well ahead of schedule. Also, consider purchasing a spare wedding shirt for any contingencies.

In conclusion, enjoy the process of shopping for the right ensemble. Most of all, apply your creativity towards your outfit for your biggest day with your sweetheart; brownie points are sure to be earned, at the very least!

Gentlemen, good luck hunting!

Submitted by: Sheldon Joy at Kal Jacobs

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