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Guest Post: Dress Up Guide for an Expectant Wedding Guest

As we all know, choosing a guest outfit for a wedding is challenging at the best of times. Our outfit needs to adhere to the dress code, be respectful and we also need to be mindful of the season and weather. Finding a go-to dress for the seemingly endless wedding season becomes even more of a challenge when you’re fitting a growing belly. For some, it’s nothing short of a sartorial nightmare.

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As an expectant guest, there are quite a few factors that you will need to consider to ensure you look (and feel) your best on the day, other than adhering to the dress code. Thankfully, there’s a lot more fashion choice for pregnant women these days. With the help of these simple guidelines listed below, there is absolutely no reason why an expectant guest can’t be the best dressed guest.

  • Plan ahead. It seems simple in concept, but so many guests leave ‘finding their outfit’ to the last minute. As an expectant guest, this is a recipe for disaster. Whilst there is a lot more choice for pregnant women these days, you still need to know where to find it, and need to make sure it fits you properly. Ordering a style online last minute is guaranteed to be a disappointment. Call around as soon as you receive the invite, get fitted, make sure you give yourself plenty of time and options to find the right outfit that suits you. Once you’ve found the right style, you will then need to find the right accessories to go with it. A hasty purchase of the wrong shoes in the eleventh hour, can throw your entire ensemble off. Furthermore, if you purchase your outfit well ahead of time, make sure the style has room for your bump to grow into. For early purchases, try opting for a floaty, waistless or unstructured dress, or choose a dress with side ruching that’s designed to grow with your bump.
  • Always follow the dress code. Finding a dress or outfit you love is great, but if it doesn’t adhere to the wedding dress code, it should be shelved for a different event. You don’t want to attract attention to yourself for the wrong reasons.


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  • Stick to your usual Aesthetic. Regardless of whether it’s for a wedding or general day-to-day styling, a mother-to-be should always stick with her usual sense of style. There’s no need to sacrifice personal style just to follow a wedding dress code. If you follow the first rule and plan ahead, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the right dress in a style that speaks to you.
  • Long dresses will make you look taller. Sometimes it can be hard to feel elegant and pregnant at the same time. At a time in your life when you feel like your tummy and bust are constantly growing outwards, you may prefer to elongate your shape with an elegant full length dress. The longer the dress, the taller you’re going to look. Look for styles with floor-skimming hems, draping fabric or add some tailoring or ruching to your body, to simultaneously give you shape and length.semiformal-the-wedding-script-dubai-blog

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  • Avoid clingy, body-con styles in the third trimester. If you’re a wedding guest with a blossoming third trimester bump, tighter, form fitting dresses may restrict your movement and make you feel uncomfortable. Even a ruched maternity bodycon dress can feel a little clingy in the third trimester if you’re dancing and moving around more than usual. A wedding Reception can also get quite warm, and as most ladies in the third trimester tend to feel the heat more, it’s best to avoid those clingy styles as they can reveal patches of perspiration, especially if it’s in a block color. Instead, your reliable, go-to styles will typically be floor length draping grecian styles with simple pleats cascading over your bump, voluminous or layered dresses that offer more movement and conceal any lumps or bumps, or styles that feature an elegant empire line, none of which will restrict your bump or your comfort during those long seated wedding speeches, or kicking your heels up on the dance floor.
  • Avoid loud prints and over accessorizing. Experimenting with large bold, graphic patterns is rarely advisable for any wedding dress code, and it’s even more risqué when you’re pregnant, as they make you look bigger. Whilst you may love the print, be careful that it doesn’t draw too much attention to you and away from the bride. Your bump is most likely to be a focal point of your outfit anyway, so opt for smaller, more subtle elegant prints, to avoid any awkward or unwanted attention. Furthermore, bold or excessive accessorizing can also ruin your outfit. Do not feel compelled to take attention away from your bump by adding lots of clutter elsewhere. If you want to wear a piece of statement jewelry, just add one piece. If you have a very prominent bump, sometimes some elegant ruffles can distract and add a feminine flair to the flirty dress. The mantra to remember when accessorizing a bump is, less is more.smart-casual-the-wedding-script-dubai-blog

Photo Source: Blush & Bloom Smart Casual Styles

  • Take a cover up. Regardless of whether it’s an outdoor wedding in summer or an indoor wedding in winter, you must always factor in unpredictable weather and over zealous air conditioners. Your pregnancy hormones can dramatically fluctuate your body temperature, so it’s a good idea to have something on hand in case you become cold or uncomfortable. If you plan your outfit ahead, you should be able to find the perfect pashmina, blazer or coat to stylishly complete your look.
  • Take some flat shoes. Weddings require lots of standing around, waiting and even walking to different venues. Standing in heels all day can be tough work on a non-pregnant woman but for a pregnant woman with swollen ankles, it can be excruciating. If you’re wearing heels to a wedding, if possible, try and stash a pair of ballet flats or light sandals into your bag. At 11pm in the night while waiting for a cab, you won’t regret it.lingerie-the-wedding-script-dubai-blog

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  • Be proud and confident of your bump. Your bump is the ultimate accessory and you should be proud to flaunt it. Don’t feel like you have to buy an oversized regular dress to try and hide your bump and draw attention away from it. It’s going to be a focal part of your outfit regardless, so embrace your bump with a more tailored maternity style and wear it with pride.
  • Choose the right lingerie to work with your outfit. Underpinnings are important at the best of times, but when you’re pregnant, your breasts are much fuller. Hence, an unsupportive bra or unwise lingerie choice can quickly transform your outfit from fabulous to frumpy in no time. Invest in a style that works perfectly with your outfit, that doesn’t show through your clothing or reveals any straps, and something you can move about and dance in. Your bust should be lifted and well supported and your bra completely invisible. Always. If the band is too loose, your bra will ride up your back and your bust will sag forward, which can ruin the look of your outfit. If the band is too tight, it may reveal back fat or unsightly lines through your outfit, so make sure you get properly fitted before the event. If you’re feeling a little wobbly in a structured or form fitted dress, you may wish to consider some pregnancy Spanx to give you more support and shape.


Submitted by: Loretta Kiss, Blush & Bloom

At Blush & Bloom, they understand maternity is not a phase in a woman’s fashion life that she should brush under the carpet. They believe the formula for a stylish pregnancy is keeping one’s sense of style and not subscribing to one look or following a set of rules. That’s why they are extremely particular about the brands they choose and the styles they sell. Whether they’re designer brands, maternity brands or even non-maternity clothes, they select the best pieces that will help a woman express her unique look with both confidence and flair, 9 months and beyond.

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