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Guest Post: Culinary Trends at Weddings in Dubai

Weddings involve bringing large gatherings of people together to celebrate a new union. Food is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in making the celebrations memorable. Here, Executive Chef, Debrup Mitra, at JW Marriott Deira, reveals wedding food trends in Dubai.

Photo Source: JW Marriott Hotel

A major part of my culinary career has been dedicated to weddings and events. During my last three years at the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai in Deira, I have catered to over six hundred weddings across different cultures, and have seen weddings evolve and new trends emerge.

Cook to Order


Photo Source: JW Marriott Hotel

The trend of incorporating cook-to-order stations at weddings is growing and has overtaken buffets and plated meals to become crowd pleasers. We had a wedding where the couple insisted on having only live cooking stations, as they did not want to go down the traditional buffet route. The stations truly allow for variety, interactions and personalization.

Cost, No Concern


Photo Source: Weddings Planet Fem

People continue to spend a significant portion of their savings on weddings and extravagance flows into many aspects, including food. Communal dining is an integral part of traditional weddings across different cultures, and tables are crammed with dishes till there is no space left. Food is one of the major wedding costs and the catering bill can sometimes account for around fifty per cent of the total wedding budget. My team once prepared 70 whole lamb ouzi dishes, one for each table at a wedding function!

Cakes Get Creative


Photo Source: JW Marriott Hotel

The traditional wedding cake – a highlight at Reception events – is getting a modern twist in terms of taste and look. As chefs, we get experimental during tasting sessions with the bride and groom and try to incorporate their story into the cake. We have had requests of having the cake match the colors of the outfits of the bride and groom! Also, the use of fresh flowers on cakes has become particularly popular.

More is not Merrier

Photo Source: Desi Akhbar

Extravagance is an enabler of food wastage, which is an unfortunate trend at weddings. Astounding quantities of food finds its way to the garbage. People tend to fill up their plate with more food than they can eat, as they may not prefer making multiple trips to the buffet. Along with my industry peers, I am increasingly and consciously making food management a part of my consultations with brides and grooms.

Kid-friendly Weddings


Photo Source: Wedding Dates

Kids are picky eaters, so we are seeing a trend of more requests for a special food spread just for the little ones. Even though we offer healthy menu options, the preferences with regards to a kids’ buffet are still skewed towards the usual suspects like Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Fish Fingers and Fries.

Creative Giveaways


Photo Source: Sugar Bea’s Custom Cookies & Rock.Paper & Sugar

Along the lines of party favors, giveaways are becoming a big trend at weddings, with edible wedding favors making it to the top of the list. That’s where my team of pastry chefs comes in. And we are not talking traditional sugared almonds. Early this year, we prepared a whole batch of henna cookies as favors for an Indian wedding, which became a big hit with the guests. The more creative, the better!


Submitted by: Executive Chef Debrup Mitra, JW Marriott Dubai, Deira


Located at the heart of traditional Dubai, the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai is a spectacular destination for a timeless wedding celebration. Featuring luxurious bedrooms and spacious suites, this landmark hotel is a haven of elegance and impeccable service. From an intimate gathering to a grand cocktail reception for up to 1000 guests, no request is too small, or idea too large. Their teams work with the bride and groom to tailor the entire experience based on different cultures, budgets and to create a truly memorable day.

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