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Guest Post: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue!

When planning your Big Day, the venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as it’ll impact rest of the event – determining the number of guests, the style and the theme, not to mention using up a large proportion of the budget.

So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? There are so many options available for wedding venues nowadays – from traditional churches and manor houses, to football grounds and registry offices – so it’s really important to select the most suitable one for you.

Photo Source: Adlington Hall

  1. Make sure it’s what you want

Photo Source: Ruby Wedding Design

You need to work out what kind of wedding you would like to have. Do you want hundreds of guests or would you prefer a smaller, more intimate affair? What have you been dreaming of – a country hotel or a castle? Once you know the kind of wedding you want to have, you can start thinking about your venue in detail.

  1. Booking the venue

Photo Source: Ben Pancoast Photography

Many couples book their venues years in advance, so if you’re opting for a popular traditional venue, it’s worth bearing this in mind to avoid disappointment. Having said that, there are last minute options available as well – it all depends on how long you need to plan and prepare for the Big Day.

  1. Find a theme

Photo Source: Pinterest

Once you have picked your venue, you can choose the theme that best befits it. You need to make sure the theme works in favor of the venue – you don’t want a Hollywood theme for a registry office, or a country theme for a beach wedding, do you?

  1. Location logistics

Photo Source: Simon Lewis Photography

It’s important to consider the location of both the wedding and the reception venues – how will guests travel between the two, or will the ceremony and reception take place at the same location. Do you want the wedding near to where you both live or somewhere special to you? Location is important if you’re planning a church wedding, as you need to prove a connection to the church. It’s also important to consider access to the location – will guests have time to get from one to the other and will you need to lay on and pay for transport? Is there accommodation nearby for guests?

  1. Sticking to the budget

Photo Source: Bridal Tune

Make sure your venue is within your budget and check out all the details – are there any hidden charges for catering and drinks, or can you get any special deals, particularly on accommodation for example, or the bridal suite? Can you afford your dream venue – taking into account things like transport to and from the venue, accommodation nearby and the cost of feeding all your guests?

While choosing the perfect ring for when you propose is an important selection, and while finding the perfect dress can become a bridal obsession, the choice of the wedding venue will have the biggest impact on the wedding day itself, so it needs to be the right one for you. Following the five steps outlined above will make the choice easier and finding and booking the venue will make everything else fall into place.

Submitted by: Sasha, Orla James

Sasha dreams of all things ‘wedding’ ever since the question was popped 6 months ago. Now looking at organising her Big Day, she writes content for wedding blogs on behalf of Orla James. Fortunate enough to live in sunny Worthing, if you want to find her – she’ll be at the beach.

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