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Guest Post: Budget-friendly Backyard Wedding Bash

For a bride and groom to-be, planning a wedding is a special thing. They try to make this once in a lifetime event great and perfect. But not all couples have big budgets to spare. There are a lot of ideas and styles of weddings out there that they can explore to fit their budget, one of them being backyard wedding ideas. This idea is perfect for those who want their special event to become more intimate and unique.


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Since the venue is in a backyard, you can save your money on the location and spend more on the decoration (required to fill up the space!) You can also use your venue budget for other budget lists such as food, drinks, cards, and souvenirs. However, if you’re looking to save some more, there are a plenty of amazing DIY ideas for your backyard wedding.


Photo Source: Interclodesigns

After you’ve sorted out the budget, it’s time to think artistically and creatively to plan how to decorate your backyard. Mostly, some people change their yard to make it look like a beautiful garden. You can opt for a flowery garden or whimsical garden theme. However, of course, you can decorate it like the theme of your wedding with a little spark of creativity. Get some creative inspiration by browsing through the net.


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If you plan to make a flowery or whimsical garden, the basic things you need to search for are flowers, chair, tables, and corner tables. Mostly, couples choose vintage white furniture, but you can choose wooden based color furniture too, as they would prove to be perfect items for your beautiful backyard wedding. Don’t forget to use colorful flowers, as they’d aid in adding a touch of beauty. As for the decoration, you can use the branches of a tree in your backyard to hang some photos or lamps or even lampions.


Photo Source: Interclodesigns

For the wedding menu, you can opt for light meals and drinks to be served with one main course, especially if you’re hosting a half-day wedding. You can also add lemonade and other refreshing drinks to the list if the wedding is being held in summer. But if you plan to hold the wedding late into the night, you can serve a variety of dishes, ranging from appetizers, main course, and dessert. For the decoration, you can arrange a few wonderful food corners/ stalls, instead of laying the food on a dining table.

Submitted by: Dzikri Padlilah

Dzikri Padlilah is a blogger who has a passion for weddings and furniture. He became interested in weddings ever since he arranged his wedding four years ago.

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