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Guest Post: Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks

As a bride, there’s always so much attention on you and there’s an essential need to shine amongst a crowd before or after getting married. So here are a few tips & tricks, by Enrica B, that would help you achieve that glow at all times.

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  • Invest in good make-up

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Firstly, I would recommend you to invest in a good foundation that suits your skin type. You should then hunt for a good liquid highlighter for dry skin or a powder highlighter for oily skin. Apply this on your cheeks after you’ve applied the foundation, for an everlasting glow for the night!

  • Beauty is in the eyes

bridal makeup by enrica dubai the wedding script blog

Your eye make-up should depend on the event you’re attending. If it’s a glamorous night out, it’d be safe to opt for a smokey eye look using black and brown shades. Remember, it’s easy to go from a light smokey eye to a heavy one. You can never go wrong if you’re just applying a brown shade on the eyelid and contouring the eye with a black on the edges. In case you’re not a ‘smokey eye’ kind of girl, you can fancy up by using a light colored shimmer eye shadow on the upper lid with a dash of gel liner on the upper lash line to make your eyes pop.

  • Get the perfect brow

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Since the eyes are the main feature for a lot of girls, I think it’s very important to also pay attention to your eyebrows and make sure they’re threaded well & to fill any gaps or uneven areas with eyebrow powder or a pencil. Never opt for a darker shade than your actual brow color, as it could overpower your look and you wouldn’t want that.  To make your life easier, buy an eyebrow pencil that is double-sided with a brow blender brush on the other end. My all-time favourite is the Chanel eyebrow pencil because they are double-sided & easy to use for daily wear.

  • Add a tint of color to your cheeks & lips

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When it comes to your cheek and lip color, you must choose fresh & bright colors that highlight your complexion instead of dulling it down. I always recommend my brides to buy colors that are multi-purpose, like a 2-in-1 lip and cheek colour from YSL. It’s quite useful because if your lips and cheeks belong to the same tint, your features would be highlighted even more! Obviously, you can’t achieve this with matte lipstick shades. If you don’t want to buy a lip and cheek color in one product, I’d suggest you use your lipstick as a cheek colour by dabbing some color with your fingers. You need to blush (literally!) and look healthy as a bride, so don’t miss out on the cheeks!

  • Get rid of dark circles under your eyes

bridal makeup enrica dubai the wedding script blog

Lastly, the most important area you need to focus on is your under-eyes. If you have dark circles, then you need to pay attention and focus on looking fresh & removing that dullness from your eyes. I recommend you to invest in a good concealer/highlighter pen in order to brighten up the area. Apply it in a triangular section below the eye and in the inner corner of the eyes, as this would help open up the eyes more & would instantly add some freshness. My secret to a good concealer application is using your fingers and not brushes. Brushes work well when you need coverage, but I prefer to blend a concealer with my fingers as it warms up the color upon application and sinks in well over the skin.

And finally, don’t over complicate yourself! Use less, but shine more!


Submitted by: Enrica B

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Enrica Bhatia is a freelance make-up artist, who stumbled upon make-up by accident. She has always been passionate about fashion and beautiful colors, and learns everyday from her field of work, customers and her experiences. She emphasizes that it is not only important to know about how to highlight one’s features with makeup, but it is equally important to know about one’s skin and its beauty in order to achieve a better appearance. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram or read her Blog to know more.

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