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Guest Post: Australian Designs for Wedding Invitations

Some may argue that wedding invitations have become unnecessary with the internet making communicating with friends and family so easy, but I disagree. Wedding invitations play a vital role as they become the introduction to your wedding day – they are your guests’ first glimpse at the kind of wedding they’ll be attending.

They are a crucial detail that should not be overlooked or underestimated, and here in Australia, it’s definitely becoming a trend to choose original, custom-made wedding stationery. Wedding invitations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or in any other Australian city have their own particular style, with the Australian aesthetic providing great inspiration for your wedding invitation design.


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The theme of your wedding is a reflection of who you are, it says a lot about your personality and style, so you want to choose a theme that will really suit you. Before you start looking at wedding stationery, decide on your wedding theme. This way you can narrow down what you are looking for, otherwise you might end up getting distracted by the many different beautiful designs out there.

Create something special with your wedding invitations


Australian designers are emerging as influencers around the world with their own distinctive style. For any bride wanting to choose stationery for her wedding that is unique and will make a statement, why not look at collaborating with a designer who will create something special just for you.

Australia has such a great range of different landscapes and a multitude of various cultures that provide inspiration for the theme of your wedding, and these are the things that really set Australian designs apart from the rest of the world. Our designers come from such different places and backgrounds that it becomes evident and reflective in their designs. Australian designers take inspiration from everything – from our scenery and art, to our food and people – that makes Australia diverse and then go on to apply it to their designs in order to create something truly unique. They are not afraid to create something completely unexpected that is not just an invite, but a piece of art.

Adding a little bit of country style


Australia’s countryside is quite popular for wedding locations – there are so many beautiful spots to choose from and it sets the scene for a distinctive country theme. But the country doesn’t just have to be used as a destination, it could also serve as your theme. Rustic is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding theme, not just in Australia but around the world. It has become a stylish trend among weddings lately, with many people appreciating its natural elegance and charm.

Whether people are looking for classic or something more vintage, rustic provides many opportunities for everyone’s tastes. When it comes to wedding invitations, there are some stunning design choices available for those looking to add a little rustic Australian influence.

Make every detail count


By having your invitations custom-made, you can ensure that you have an input on the designs of all your wedding stationery and hence end up with something special for your wedding. In choosing stunning Australian designs, you can use your wedding invitations to really make a statement and to create something beautiful that you and your guests will be able to keep as a memento of your special day for the rest of your lives.

Submitted by: Caitlyn Zoon from Paperlust, Australia

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