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Guest Post: A Colorful Henna Affair

Planning to organize a Henna ceremony for the bride-to-be? Here’s a simple yet elegant decor idea by Love Details.

love details mehndi function dubai the wedding script blog

Personalized signs on easels are a great way to welcome the guests and highlight the Mehendi corner.

the wedding script we love details easel mehndi dubai

Marigolds are considered an auspicious flower for South Asian weddings and are generally the preferred choice for a henna event or for pre-wedding functions at home. Opt for a colorful yet ethnic theme, with cushioned floor seating and a smattering of marigolds all around.

marigold decor mehendi love details dubai blog the wedding script

marigold dubai mehendi decor love details blog the wedding script

If there are a few large, French windows surrounding the entire courtyard, the biggest challenge one would face would be to cover these in a decorative manner yet provide complete coverage for a ladies only event. One can achieve this by creating pure white curtains that run all along the windows with a streak of a colored curtain running through each one.

Mehendi setup love details dubai blog the wedding script

An ethnic, shimmery stage in bright colors with a swing and swaying marigolds will definitely add a touch of ‘fun’ to the entire affair!

love details mehendi decor the wedding script dubai

Submitted by: Love Details

Love Details plans and executes beautifully personalized bespoke events.  They design and theme a client’s event stylishly and coordinate with them smoothly on their big day, for a stress-free planning experience. As their name suggests, they pay close attention to details ensuring that their client’s party is in a league of its own. Working hard on unique, creative solutions is the basis of their brand and they thrive on executing exquisite decor. They have extensive wedding planning experience in the UAE and a plethora of reliable vendors for every unique requirement. They also offer ‘styling only’ packages based on a client’s requirements.


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