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Guest Post: 8 Tips to Remember while Wedding Shopping on a Budget!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking about the wedding? Yes, your wedding will surely be a fairy tale but the cost of the cake, venue, dress, food and everything else will add up. Here are a few tips and tricks which can make you save a lot while doing your wedding shopping.

Go for a vintage ring

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Vintage rings are stylish, gorgeous as well as frugal. You can find some real vintage gems in antique shops. Also, you can look for getting an heirloom – it would be better than buying a new ring. Ask your parents or relatives if they are ready to pass their valuable piece of gem to you.

Minimize the use of flowers

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Normally, people blow off all their money on buying flowers which would anyway die shortly. Instead, consider buying a single rose for each of the bridesmaids and a very small bouquet for the bride. If you know some flower vendor, you can buy the flowers in bulk and can make a bouquet yourself – it would just need some trimming and cutting.

Buy dresses on sale

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If you want to save on bridesmaid dresses, consider buying them during the sale season. Avoid any sort of ‘designer dresses’ and visit stores that offer great dresses at discounted prices. If the outfit isn’t available in any of the retail stores, you can check on online shopping websites.

Rent tuxedos

Photo Source: The Chat Sheet

Getting tuxedos on rent are a great way to go frugal. For further discount, you can order tuxedos in bulk for all your groomsmen. Well, if you don’t want your groomsmen to wear tuxedos, you can ask them to wear any of their formal suits from home and match them with the others.

Make your own invitations

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 Rather than hiring a professional who prints the wedding cards, try making them yourself. Bring in a good printer and spare some time designing the wedding invites. It would just take a little bit of creativity and you would realise that you could make a masterpiece on your own.

Skip the gifts

Photo Source: The Huffington Post

It might be a custom to gift something to the groomsmen and bridesmaid in some circles, but it is not necessary. Instead of buying them gifts which they might not even enjoy, give them a handwritten note saying ‘Thank You’. This will not only make them feel special, but will also look elegant.

Stock the bar yourself

Photo Source: Wedding Bee

 As we all know, alcohol expenses can be quite huge. Instead of opting for a full-fledged bar, you can just offer a few cocktails and selected drinks to your guests. If you’re planning to rent a hall, you can bring in your own alcohol instead of using the ones available at the venue. You can get these from a local liquor store which offers discounts. Buy the basics, such as red and white wine, and a few types of beer. Or ask the wedding vendor if there’s any discount available on vodka, gin, rum and whiskey if you wish to offer a full-fledged bar.

Haggle! Haggle! Haggle!

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Many people think haggling is rude and impolite. However, it’s neither. The bottom line is you can save loads on dresses, food, venue, DJ and almost everything if you negotiate. The truth is, most of the wedding operators are open to negotiations. Also, keep in mind that the arguments made are given to you in written format so that if there are any disagreements, you can show the proof.

It is true when they say that a wedding has to be a ’one of its kind’ affair. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend boatloads of money; you can carry out the ceremony within your budget as well. Always remember, the wedding has to be special to you along with being special to your kith and kin. After all, it is you who’d be spending the rest of your life with your other half.

 Submitted by: Ashton Blagden

Ashton is working as a Community Manager at Dealslands. When he has leisure time, he utilizes that time in writing.

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