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7 Fascinating Wedding Traditions Around the World!

Many people are aware of the traditional American ring exchange, but what about ceremonies from other countries around the world? Whether you’re just curious or want to go beyond a traditional ceremony, read on to explore 7 fascinating and different traditions. Love may be universal, but these ceremonies certainly aren’t!

Release the Doves: Philippines

Photo Source: Pinterest

At traditional Filipino weddings, both the bride and groom release two doves into the air. Not only is this adorable, but it represents a long, peaceful and harmonious life together too.

Log Cutting: Germany

Photo Source: Brandon Malone Photography

If you’d like to get a little more physical while you’re wearing that wedding dress, this German tradition is both fun and shows your bond in front of your guests too! Work together to saw a log in half, showing how well you will work together to face the obstacles within your marriage.

Handfasting: Ireland

Photo Source: Life in Leggings

Just before you exchange vows, the ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting joins the right hand to the right, and the left hand to the left. A ribbon is tied onto it to represent eternity with a figure eight and two individuals coming together as one. This is a lot like what the wedding ring represents, since the slim men’s wedding ring displays eternal love as well.

Wedding Lasso: Mexico

Photo Source: Get Fed

Making use of a lasso that is made of white ribbon or orange blossoms is a tradition in Mexico, which represents fertility and happiness and displays everlasting bonds of love. An honored guest places the lasso in a figure or around both the bride and groom’s shoulders, thus tying them together while they exchange vows. He/she then removes the lasso at the end of the ceremony.

Goose for the Bride: Korea

Photo Source: Nerdy Gaga

Within Korean tradition, grooms give their new mother-in-laws wild geese or ducks. This represents the groom’s pure intentions and loyalty to the bride. Now the tradition has become more modern, so grooms and brides usually just exchange wooden geese and ducks instead of real ones.

Sake Sharing: Japan

Photo Source: Pinterest

Japan is known for their beautiful traditions, and wedding traditions are no exception. In the tradition of san-san-kudo, both the bride and groom take three sips each from three flat sake cups. Then their parents repeat the action to bond the families.

Bridal Sedans and Red Umbrellas: China

Photo Source: Pinterest

Within a traditional Chinese procession, the bride is escorted to the ceremony in a bridal sedan. The red color symbolizes boldness, luck and love, while the bride wears a red veil to hide her face. Her mother will then hold a red umbrella over her head to encourage fertility.

There are so many different and beautiful wedding traditions out there that you can think about for your wedding. Any one of these is a great way to show your love and commitment to one another, or to start your married life with something meaningful. The hard part is figuring out which one you like the most!

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