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Guest Post: 5 Key Winter Wedding Concepts!

Weddings aren’t just seasonal anymore. Most couples nowadays opt to marry during what used to be the ‘off-season’ for marriages. Winter matrimonies can be very graceful and attractive. This happy time of the year embraces warmness with the blooming lights of candles and emphasizes the idea of togetherness.


Photo Source: Anuz Spa & Salon

While selecting seasonal wedding shades, the first thing that you can get inspiration from, is the time of year at that moment. Here are the finest hues from nature’s palette for winter nuptials that you can use generously.

  • Choosing the Wedding Theme Color:

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Thinking about making your wedding color the theme as well?

Among many wedding color palettes, this one offers a charming array of refreshing greens with the softness of grey and sage, which is perfectly apt for a winter wedding. You can enhance with a variety of soft pinks or even orange shades to blend in a little more of your personality with this palette.

  • Wedding Flowers:

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Flowers or Bouquet: A large bouquet of softly hued garden-fresh and wild flowers, illuminated with droplets and gems will look lovely. Contribute a mix of natural pinecones or add a Christmas sign with a red band to it.

  • Bride and Groom Attire:

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Consider winter wedding outfits made of thicker silks and satins, as they’ll not only assist in keeping you warm on your special day, but will also help you look awesome. Choose the color of your attire to match the wedding theme: you can contrast your wedding dress with red and white or choose a fleece coat to go with your attire.

  • Go For a Vintage Reception:

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There are plenty of ways to decorate your reception and catch the attention of your guests. Before the sun sets, arrange the candles to create a romantic glow and put a rose in an ice cube for a cornerstone. To add to the ambience, consider bringing in lush, soft textures: a velvet ribbon tied around each napkin or chenille pillows and chucks in a living room. Use signs to guide your guests and set a ‘drink corner’, which you can design in an interesting way.

  • Go Natural And Say Thank You:

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Treat your audience with some winter essentials, don’t leave them out in the cold, and arrange thermostats for heat. Play some rhythmic melodies to make your guests swing. At the end of your special day, thank your visitors for joining you at your marriage and ask the photographer to shoot some photos with your audience.

Submitted by: Sidra Muntaha, Anuz Spa & Salon

Sidra Muntaha is a content marketer who works in the wedding makeup service industry with Anuz Spa n Salon. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loathes discussing herself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.

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