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Guest Post: 5 Fun Ideas For Your Wedding!

There are two ways to make your wedding memorable: have everything fall apart at the last minute (everything from inappropriate wedding songs to a no-show caterer or a runaway bride), or do something to spice it up. There’s no way you’re going to be the first couple in history to have a picture-perfect, no-flaws wedding. All you can do is add a touch of unique flair to make sure your guests will remember the FUN they had, rather than the tiny hiccups.

We’ve come up with 5 unique wedding ideas to make your Big Day stand out from the rest. Add even one of these to your wedding, and you’ll never have to worry about being boring or cliché!


Photo Source: Kaposia Days

What better way to celebrate your love than by lighting up the night sky?

If you are planning a wedding out in the countryside, you can get a pyrotechnics company to set up a fireworks spectacle for the event. It’s a bit more challenging to work out the permits if you’re planning a wedding in the city, but it can be done.


Photo Source: Adam’s Tavern

Karaoke can be a whole lot of fun, but you might have to be prepared for the quality of the singing to decline once you start serving the drinks. Your guests can take turns getting on stage and belting out their favorite power ballads, show tunes and rock songs. You may even discover some hidden talents among the people you’ve invited to the wedding.

Be warned: you may find this activity more fun than it should be!

DIY Food

Photo Source: Le Blanc Food Co.

There’s something magical about building your own meal. Giving guests the chance to select their own dining options is a fun way to plan a kick-ass wedding dinner.

Taco carts, for example, allow your guests to build their own delicious Mexican meal using a wide range of available ingredients. Or, you can set up a snack bar, complete with all your favorite cakes and cookies. You may even want to consider hosting a buffet where guests can pick and choose the food they want.

Granted, this sort of dinner arrangement will be pricier than your basic wedding dinner, but it’s a good way to give guests a wedding meal they’ll remember!

Wine Tasting

Photo Source: Ritani

Your guests are at the wedding not only to show you their support on this important day, but also to enjoy lots of delicious food and drinks. Why not give them a truly unique experience in the form of a wine tasting?

A wine tasting will give them a chance to try a broad selection of local or international wines. If you’re considering a unique location for your wedding, consider hosting it at a winery and having a wine tasting session for entertainment as well as refreshment.

Outdoor Games

Photo Source: Vintage Garden Games

Give your guests a chance to challenge their skills at games like Giant Connect Four, Ring Toss, Horseshoes or Cornhole. Or, set up a recreational area complete with bar games like ping pong, darts, and billiards. These games can be a fun way to entertain your guests as they wait for dinner to be served. Heck, you can even host a tournament, complete with a trophy for the winner!

If you’re trying to add spice and an element of freshness to your wedding, give these ideas a try. They’re as unique and original as it gets, so you can make the wedding amazing for you and your guests alike.

Submitted by: Dan Carthy

Dan has worked in the event management industry for five years and is currently an event manager for the UK-based company Venueseeker. His portfolio includes many successful event planning projects for companies across various niches. He is currently a regular contributor for his company’s blog site. Follow him on Twitter at @DanCarthy2.

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