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Guest Post: 5 Color Themes for Mehndi this Summer!

Gone are those days where all Mehndi functions had the gende ka phool (marigold flower) theme. Here are 5 refreshing color themes for weddings this summer that will totally spunk up your Mehndi day!

  • Mela themed Mehndi

Photo Source: Dkreate Photography

It’s fun, refreshing and super colorful for a Mehndi function. Apart from just the décor, it’s a great way to keep the guests occupied with games and local food after the function is over. Beautiful and colorful hues such as yellow and blue will definitely bring out the liveliness of the event.

  • Green and Gold

Photo Source: Maharani Weddings

The pantone color of the year, Greenery, is symbolic for new beginnings. So, what better way than your Mehndi day to immerse yourself in nature’s own color. An overlay of gold and green curtains along with a dash of red and yellow throw pillows will make the set-up super zesty.

  • Peach and Mint

Photo Source: The Wedding Salad

It’s soft on the eyes and it’s perfect for the sultry summer! It’s classy and stays true to the saying “less is more”.

  • Coral, pink and blue

Photo Source: Suhaag Garden

We actually like how the set-up is accentuated with the colorful and comfortable seating! The burst of colors are added with the plush pillows and artistic looking umbrellas. Perfect for an outdoor setting!

  • Baby blue florals pink

Photo Source: The Photo Diary

This one is our absolute favourite! Florals work hand in hand with summer and we totally adore the dash of pink that makes it utterly stimulating.

Submitted by: Sachi Kumar

A social media geek, a writer and a thinker creating a spin on conventional ideas, Sachi also manages her floral art jewellery venture in Dubai for brides. She has always believed that there is something ethereal about dainty flowers apart from adding a splendid touch to the overall look of the demure bride. To know more get in touch with her at sachi.kumar@hotmail.com/055-6525747.


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