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Guest Post: 10 Secrets On How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid!

One of your best friends is getting married and what’s even better is that you have the privilege of standing by her side on her Big Day. Of course, being a bridesmaid comes with responsibilities. Here’s how to handle them with grace and class.

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  1. Save up money. From showers to dresses, being a bridesmaid isn’t a cheap venture. Start saving money early so you have it ready as the expenses arise.

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  1. Have the money conversations early. Even though you can expect the wedding to be expensive, you don’t have to allow it to totally blow your budget. The key is to be upfront yet tactful from the beginning about what you’re able to afford.
  1. Keep the bride in mind. This is her celebration. Think about what she would want – from the shower to the bachelorette party – and plan accordingly.

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  1. Get to know the bridesmaids. If you don’t already know the other girls, this is a great chance to make new friends. Be friendly, and they’ll probably respond in kind. They might not all become your new best buds, but planning will be smoother if everyone works as a team; so do your best to get along with the others.
  1. Stay in the loop. Communication is key when it comes to planning, so do your part. If there’s an email chain about wedding prep, don’t let the messages go unopened in your inbox. Along those lines, if you have something sensitive to discuss with the bride, do it face-to-face or at least over the phone. Texts and emails are too easy to misinterpret, especially in situations like wedding planning where emotions run high.

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  1. Be prompt. Whether it’s for your dress fitting or the rehearsal, show up on time. Also, stick to deadlines. For example, order your dress by the recommended date and get the shower invitations in the mail at least six weeks ahead of time.
  1. Wear your dress happily. The dress might not be your preferred style or color. The bride selected it for a reason though, so don it with a good attitude. Or, at the very least, keep your negative attitude to yourself. You can always donate the dress once the wedding is over.

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  1. Stay near the bride. You don’t need to hover, but for both the rehearsal and the wedding day, stick close to the bride so you can help out however you are needed.
  1. Watch your alcohol. Although it’s fun to let loose at the rehearsal dinner, keep in mind that you will need to be in top form the next day. And drink in moderation at the reception so you don’t make a spectacle of yourself.

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  1. Enjoy your friend’s Big Day. Your friend’s wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate her relationship. It will be a busy day, but do your best to soak it all in and make unforgettable memories.

Submitted by: Annabelle Short

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