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Groom Confesses His Love For Another Lady In Front Of His Bride!

Weddings are all about the couple confessing their love to each other and taking vows for their future together. But what happens if the groom confesses his love for someone else in the crowd?

Photo Source: Rec On Cine Concept

Generally, this would result in shock and squeals around the room, but not this time. This groom’s confession just made the whole room tear up even more.

A Portuguese couple, Jefferson and Jessica, was all set to exchange their vows when the groom-to-be decided to pull an extra romantic move and reach out to the bride-to-be’s eight-year-old daughter, Giovanna!

Photo Source: Rec On Cine Concept

As he vowed to love his wife, he also vowed to love her daughter just like he would love his own daughter. He promised to take care of her and protect her from anything bad. He even said he would be a proud father to have a beautiful, educated and intelligent daughter like her.

Photo Source: Rec On Cine Concept

His sweet little gesture has warmed our hearts beyond measure. Though we don’t understand Portuguese, the language of love is enough to see through their pure emotions in the video below. Here’s hoping them a happy married life.

Photo Source: Rec On Cine Concept


Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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