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Gifts for the Father of the Bride

Brides always share a special relationship with their Dads, and it’s never easy being the ‘Father of the Bride’. Hence, it would be more than just ‘thoughtful’ on your part if you gift him a special something. Here are a few gift ideas for the first love/ hero of your life, ladies!

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You can gift your dad personalized cufflinks or a meaningful message engraved on a photo frame that holds a beautifully captured ‘father-daughter moment’ during your wedding. A handkerchief that mentions how special he is or a flask (if he enjoys drinking) that states his title at the wedding, is sure to serve as a great memento for him.

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Depending on your dad’s interest, you can also gift him great kitchen or grilling tools. If your dad is a movie-lover, buy him a collection of his favorite movies, along with a packet of movie tickets! If he’s more interested in sports, buy him specific gear for those sports or tickets to watch his favorite team play. If he’s into accessories, a tie with a hidden message will not only add to his wedding day look, but will also be a gift he cherishes in the years to come.

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Whatever you choose to gift your dad, don’t forget to display and shower him with lots of love, hugs and kisses, just to let him know that he will always hold a special place in your heart!

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