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Gautam & Khushboo’s Wedding in Udaipur, India

Dubai sweethearts, Gautam and Khushboo tied the knot amidst their loved ones in a grand three-day wedding extravaganza at The Ananta in Udaipur.


How we met:

At a friends wedding, we both met and then facebook messenger happened and slowly we chatted on BBM, phone calls and finally went for a casual dinner/ date night. And since then been together.


Wedding Planning:

Initially, I didn’t think wedding planning was a big deal. But once I became a part of it, it seemed to be a never ending process. Found it to be quite hectic indeed. After hunting 4-5 different cities, we finalised a location and were left with 2 months to plan the entire wedding.

I was quite particular about the minutest of details and to find the right sources to order miscellaneous items such as the welcome neckpieces, the turbans, the brooches etc. was another task.

Since my mother is a popular figure in the community, a lot of people got involved to help me plan the wedding. We had delegated the work – from the alcohol list to checking on the hotel service to setting up the food menu to allocating the guests’ list for the designated rooms and much more. Most of my weekends were sacrificed and meetings would take place at my residence almost every Friday for 5-6 hours at a stretch.

However, the greatest support we received was from the Krayonz team, without whom this would have not been a successful wedding. Most of the ideas and the entire decor & management were implemented by them.




Feelings on the Big Day:

Everything was normal, until after the Poojas I started feeling a little weird. Maybe I was scared that everything was going to change – a new responsibility was now upon me. Or maybe it was about committing to somebody for a lifetime. In short, there were many mixed feelings. However, as soon as the Baraat started, I felt “If you can’t beat them…join them!” Soon there was a complete change and thereafter was excited to get married.

Wedding Shopping:

We tried a few local designers, namely Varoin Marwah & Heeba Sait from Aara Fashions. We also got a couple of dresses from Mumbai from Arjun Khanna & Arun Hirani.

Yes, shopping was a little tricky because every couple wants to look different and outstanding in the crowd, or create a new trend, or rather design outfits in such a way that it would be bespoke. However, with 2 trips to India I got everything sorted, and it worked just the way I desired. As for assistance, my partner and my sisters helped a great deal.

Advice for to-be-weds:

Every wedding is unique. Do not try to compare your wedding with anybody else’s. Work/ stress about the wedding only till a day before and then just let it go. Enjoy the wedding ‘cause this feeling will never come again.

Photography/Videography: Pooja Studio Dubai
Wedding Planner: Achint Nag (Krayonz Entertainment)
Bartender: The Wedding Bartenders
DJ: DJ Tahir (Mumbai) and DJ Nitesh (Dubai)
Venue: The Ananta, Udaipur