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Games For A Bridal Shower!

After our much-loved post on Bachelorette Party Games, here’s a list of games for the relatively sober Bridal Shower!

Your best friend’s wedding is coming up and the responsibility for her to revel in her final days of singlehood with her pals is on you!  But don’t worry, The Wedding Script has you covered! Indulge in these game ideas and make it a party to remember for the bride-to-be!

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  • Wedding Shower Scattergories

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This one will have everyone excited! Come up with several wedding categories and write them down on separate note cards. Make them as easy as you want. Your topics could be anything from wedding dress designers to types of flowers and famous wedding movies. Everyone takes turns choosing a card and then they have 10 seconds to name an item in that category. If a player can’t think of an item for that category, they’re out!

  • Karaoke

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Karaoke always allows us to enjoy making fools of ourselves without being judged! Record your performances which will not only be fun but will be an everlasting memory for the bride. The songs can range from the bride-to-be’s favorites to cheesy pop songs!

  • Pin the moustache on the groom

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This game is self-explanatory. Print out a poster size portrait of the groom and cut out some moustache shapes on card paper and stick some double sided tape behind them. Blindfold the guests and see who manages to pin the moustache with the most accuracy!

  • Bridal Beauty Blow Up

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A girl’s best friend is makeup, especially when a wedding isn’t far away. Have guests bring nail polish and makeup. Whip up some homemade beauty treatments, like the Aphrodite Apple mask or the Goddess Yogurt Body Mask.

Finally, serve light snacks like finger sandwiches, fresh cut fruits and vegetables and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert.

Submitted by: Arshi Farid

A TOTAL fashion freak, Arshi is insanely obsessed with discovering trends and loves trying out new, quirky ones. She also has an interest in, well, Bollywood! She has no idea why she loves reading about the happenings of B-town. Every morning at home she would sit for an hour flipping pages of the entertainment edition of the newspaper. She is a movie buff and reviews Bollywood releases every Friday, to the best of her abilities. Guilty of gluttony, she lives to eat. She loves travelling – going around the world in 80 days is definitely on her bucket list. Link: https://ashupdates.wordpress.com/

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