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Fun Ways to Entertain Wedding Guests!

Guests are an integral part of any wedding festivity. They need to be treated with utmost priority, so that the memories from your wedding can be etched forever in their minds. Here are various fun and quirky ways to keep the guests entertained.

  1. Sketches and Caricatures

Photo Source: Shake’s Caricature

The hosts can hire artists that prepare live sketches and/or caricatures for the guests. These can be framed with a themed wedding frame and kept as a memory forever.

  1. Photo Booths

Photo Source: Jesse Holland Photography

There is no doubt on the success rate of guests’ engagement at regular photo-booths at weddings, what with those quirky backgrounds and themed props. The hosts can further add a twist to this concept by giving their guests a chance to click photos with a board that gives a short piece of advice/ comments for the couple.

  1. Henna Artists

Photo Source: Pinterest

Many cultures and traditions encourage women to apply henna during wedding festivities. This keeps them engaged and happy with the various intricate designs that are applied on their hands and feet.

  1. Kites

Photo Source: Commentsdb

To add some more color and uniqueness to the wedding experience, the hosts can arrange for a kite-flying session during any of the pre-wedding functions. It can be in the form of a competition between the bride’s entourage and the groom’s side, which will add more excitement and thrill. The only pre-requisite will, of course, be an outdoor venue with favorable weather.

  1. Some fun for the Little Ones

Photo Source: Picnic Party Detail

Why should adults have all the fun?! The little guests who often accompany the adults should also be entertained. This will not only keep the kids happy, but will also relieve their parents for a bit. For example, small play areas or other fun activities, like face painting, jumbo board games, magical shows, etc. can be arranged for the kids.

  1. Midnight Fun

Photo Source: Chicago Wedding Blog

Surprise the guests with some midnight food, snacks and games, so they can enjoy and bond over fun and exciting conversations. The experience can further be enhanced with music and impromptu dances so they can ‘dance the night away’.

  1. Treasure/ Scavenger Hunts

Photo Source: Weddbook

Various teams can be formed to head out for a treasure hunt, wherein numerous clues unlock different gifts and can lead to a final surprise. Such activities will help to break the ice between guests who do not know each other well, apart from adding the thrill element to the function.

  1. Exciting Gifts

Photo Source: Pinterest & A Homemade Living

Besides giving regular farewell gifts to guests, hosts can add a fun twist by introducing some special gifts. For example, this can be done through lucky draws, or spinning wheels, where the guests can win additional surprise gifts. Again, this can be customized separately for kids and adults.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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