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Eternal Wedding Themes!

There are some wedding themes which never go out of fashion. Choose your pick from these eternal wedding ideas carefully and don’t forget to do lots of research before you finalize ‘The One’. Simply because, life’s too short to throw boring parties, isn’t it!? Happy Planning!


Photo Source: Weddings Eve, Goodwin and Goodwin & Rant Chic

  • A Fairytale Wedding


Photo Source: Z Living Network

If you’re one of those girls who has grown up watching Disney princesses & dreamt that, one fine day, your Prince Charming will woo you to eventually tie the knot in a royal palace/ castle, then this theme is apt for you. The key is to find the right destination (according to your budget, of course) and keep its architectural beauty as the focus of attention.

  • Urban Chic


Photo Source: This Modern Romance

For the city girl with a taste for neutral colors, the urban theme works the best. It includes clean structures, tons of fabric & a colorful burst of elements – minimalist yet chic.

  • Beach Wedding

Photo Source: Iris Bedin

Adventurous and fun-loving girls will definitely wish to adopt this theme into atleast one of their wedding functions. If you are the not-so-fussy-about-your-bridal clothes kinda gal, head to the beachside hotels in your city (or at a new destination) & have a fun-filled wedding! You could plan a volleyball tournament, a rain dance or even a foam party in order to bring out the liveliness of your guests.

  • A Seasonal Affair


Photo Source: Pinterest

For the bride who is a nature lover, a seasonal theme can be breathtaking (if put together elegantly). Set in the clearing of a preserved forest, with colorful flowers, moss carpet & a waterfall (natural or man-made), the above set-up can turn out to be quite mesmerizing for your families & friends. You can also choose from the various seasons of the year and become a Spring Bride, perhaps!?

  • A Classic Ceremony


Photo Source: Guru Nanak Darbar

And the evergreen wedding theme is, of course, the traditional one! There are arrays of bold colors that you can choose from depending on which holy place you wish to tie the knot in. Decorating the venue with strands of flowers & candles/ diyas will help achieve a divine look.

Love & Positive Vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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