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Contact Number: 00971 55 5461969
E-mail: nitesh.lakhiani@hotmail.com

For all those who haven’t heard Nitesh play, you have not been to a dynamic party in Dubai just yet. Making it on his own, Nitesh has been playing in the city since the past two years, and his success has been made evident from his growth as a DJ in such a short span of time. His music’s USP is that he isn’t just fluent in playing desi music, but in fact has the ability to play a set ranging from RnB to House, and blow his crowds’ minds.

Setting the dance floor ablaze and making everyone move to the tunes he plays, and already being the most popular and sought-after youngsters out here, Nitesh wants to make it big and be the finest in this field because his work is his life. Even so, he is one the most relaxed and colorful personalities that you will ever come across. You will never, and this is a guarantee, find him panicked or worried in any situation.

For all those thinking that he might be short on experience, stop right there because that is one thing he has skillfully taken care of. After being introduced to Dubai’s social circuit, he has played for countless events ranging from private parties, product launches, colleges, corporate events.

Another reason that sets him apart from the rest of the DJs playing here of the same age is his avid passion for World music. So, for this DJ, it isn’t just about playing the conventional; it is about breaking the norms and making a genre of his own.