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INTERVIEW: Denise SadlerStockist of exclusive items

Sourcing exclusive items from worldwide locations, Dees Boutique offers unique shoe accessories such as Clean Heels: Heel Protectors, Heel Sleeves, Shoe Licks, “I Do” Stickers and CORE swim Sun and Swim wears, Chakra jewellery from Australia ‘I Love Chakra’, The Dress (multi way dress) from Plume Hats. Here's an exclusive interview with Denise Sadler, the manager of the store in the UAE.

How did Dees Boutique come about and when did it launch?

I have been a distributor for Clean Heels – Heel Protectors in the UAE since 2009. I got introduced to them by a friend from the UK whilst attending The Dubai World Cup and sinking in the grass!! Not smart or sexy!

Dees-Boutique was launched in 2016 with a change of name and a brand new website, incorporating lots of unique items sourced from all over the world.

How has the process been ever since you got into the wedding industry and is there a particular type of client you cater to?

Since 2009, our clientele has grown tremendously. Initially, we used to meet brides for the fitting of their wedding shoes. Now, we work more within the wedding industry, supplying hotels, event and wedding planners, and fulfil requests from their bridal parties. And we, of course, offer them bulk discounts for the same.

Having said that, I still meet clients who are hosting smaller weddings and I get to see a range of beautiful shoes 🙂

We supply all over the world and cater to destination weddings.

Tell us about your range of products.

Dees-Boutique offers dresses for bridesmaids that are made in the UAE by a local designer. We also supply bespoke hair pieces and hats, along with unique shoe accessories.

Heel stoppers or Heel sleeves – which ones are better? Speak about what purpose each one serves.

Heel Stoppers are available in 3 sizes, so that you can get the perfect flexible fit. They protect your heels from sinking and spoiling in soft ground at outdoor events and can even assist the wearer with improved balance (especially if you have very thin stilettos).

Heel Sleeves, on the other hand, are plastic tubes which shrink to wrap around your heel, thus giving higher protection to your heel (3 different sizes in a pack ). You can wear them everyday to protect your heels against scuffs and scratches from pathways, cobbled stones, driving, escalators, gravel and grass.

What milestones have you achieved so far, in terms of your venture?

Meeting lots of bridal parties and event planners and saving the day has been our agenda from the beginning. This has eventually led to business growth and helped me make so many new friends.

What tips or advice can you give to brides who are in the midst of planning their Big Day?

Get your shoes in good time to make sure they are comfortable on D-day.

E-mail: info@dees-boutique.com
Website: www.dees-boutique.com