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Deep & Saloni's Proposal in Paris, France

Deep’s version:

After being in a relationship for almost 8 years, both of us wanted to get married by 2018, and hence I decided I’d propose to her asap. The next step was when, how and where. I really wanted to do something simple, yet memorable and intimate, and after a lot of thinking I decided to propose to her during our trip to Europe. We were visiting because we wanted to experience Christmas and New Years there and that’s when I realized that The Eiffel Tower was the best venue for the proposal. The only hurdle in my way was her new job, as she was not sure of getting her leave approved. But I made sure that she takes this leave by convincing her to do a photo shoot for the wedding, and what better place could there be than beautiful Europe. So after all the story telling and manipulation, she finally agreed and we were ready to take this trip.

Now came the most difficult part – the ring! Getting the ring was not the problem, as I knew exactly what she likes and her preference. She generally does not wear any jewelry, but she always wanted a ring that she can pull off. The only problem was hiding it from her, as she is really good at catching hold of any glitches (nobody is capable to surprise her).

The D day was here! I had been researching a lot for the best spot to click the best pictures. This was going to be a hell of a task, as I am a lover of photography and had put my foot down to do this myself (through remote photography). The Trocadero garden was my pick, as you get the best view of the Eiffel tower from there. We started testing the camera and she had no clue, mainly because I usually click my ‘outfit of the day’ picture and we followed the same routine.

Now came the moment I was waiting for! I told her to click our pictures as the phone could get covered by her hair. I found the perfect moment when she was fixing her hair and was too busy with the phone – I went down on one knee and told her all my feelings and asked the most important question “Will you marry me?” She started crying and said Yes!!

Finally I was at peace and filled with happiness while she was happy and pretty surprised. I couldn’t believe I was going to marry the woman of my dreams!!

Saloni’s version:

You know how some people say you meet some strangers who suddenly become your everything? That’s exactly what happened in our story! So I met Deep at a friend’s dhow cruise party in 2009, but it was just a “Hi, I am Deep” and “Hi, I am Saloni” back then. Next year, I met him again during Holi at Wonderland, where we interacted quite a bit and had loads of fun playing Holi together. Little did I know that by the end of the year I’d get a MSN messenger request from him (yep those were the MSN days :p) I accepted his request and we started chatting and hanging out. Then on Valentine’s day, he asked me out for a movie and dinner, after which he asked me out at the scenic corniche of Bur Dubai. Don’t get your hopes too high – unfortunately at that time, I said ‘no’ and ‘I need to think about it’. But this man, I tell you, he never gives up on something he has set his heart on :p He kept our friendship intact and kept impressing me every single time. He used to come to university to speak to me – aah still gives me butterflies when I think about our puppy love and his efforts to get my attention. Then on a cold day, on March 6 2010 to be precise, I finally realized my love and compassion for him. After almost an entire month, I confessed my love to him and gave him the answer he was hoping for.

The Proposal:

Like all my ladies out there, I had been throwing hints to Deep to propose to me properly and in style and all that jazz. But I didn’t see this one coming at all! Throughout our trip to Europe, he had been saying that we should go for romantic dinners and spend quality time with each other and should use these pictures during our wedding. He insisted to do the shoot in Paris after New Years (my expectations went down as soon as he said ‘after New Years’, as there were no special days/ dates coming up).

It was an amazingly cold early super beautiful morning on the 2nd of January 2018, and since he has a big passion for fashion photography and styling, he started setting up his camera while I stood there freezing my life out. After a couple of test shots, he came over and said “Babe, you need to operate the remote to the camera as we are facing each other and the remote would get covered with your hair or overcoat” I started clicking away, and then came the big moment, where in a split second, he expressed his feelings for me and us as a couple since 8 years (a little was everything for me), and I indefinitely said ‘Yes!’ My feelings were over the top as I fell head over heels in love with him all over again!