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Checklist For Weddings!

A memorable wedding is possible with lots of research, planning and this checklist! We’ve compiled the basics for you, which will assist in making your wedding a spectacular affair.


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  • Wedding Planners


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While there are many projects that are Do-It-Yourself, planning a grand wedding isn’t one of them. Gone are the days when weddings could be called a family consignment. For a power-packed wedding with attention to detail, selection of entertainment & tension-free service, call in the design experts who do weddings for a living.

  • Destination


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While there are some people who think that the venue is not too important when choosing the ideal spot to tie the knot, there are other couples who believe that the venue is in fact, the base of every décor. The more beautiful and natural the place, the more minimal is the requirement for décor.

  • Trainer/ nutritionist


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Do you have your eyes set on a wedding dress/ lehenga you desperately want to fit into? Are all those well-wishing aunties feeding you with way too many chocolates & mithaais (sweets)? Have you been feeling bloated & slouchy lately? Then you need to go for the bridal boot camp with a few weeks of hardcore training & food detox! It’s the ultimate program to make you feel fitter & healthier, not just on your D-day, but for life.

  • Wedding stylist


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Getting confused with what color outfit should be worn on what function? Uncertain about the latest trends that may not suit you? Or just don’t have the time to shop for your wedding functions because you can’t get out of work? Bridal stylist to the rescue! Not only will they help you choose, style, make & collect your wedding attires, they will guide you through ideal make up & hairstyles that would go best with the selected clothes and give you that exquisite look.

  • Professional hair & make-up artist

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Don’t want to look haggard & fatigued? Got that big ugly pimple last minute? Hire the specialists to give you a close-to-your-natural-look sans the flaws. They can make your best features stand out & give you the look you always desired for your wedding day. Also, don’t opt for stylists based solely on recommendations. Always take a trial beforehand – this way you’ll get a gist of how they work as well.

  • Photographers and Videographers


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They are the ones that make you mesmerize about the day you got married! Make no mistake in choosing the right photographer, so that you don’t regret it later. Opt for the candid photographer and videographer, as they are the ones who capture the ‘real’ emotions – from the first teardrop at the vidaai (farewell), the look on your face when you see your fiancé at the wedding altar, and so much more that you will cherish forever. Go for the ones you are comfortable with, those who will not make you act but encourage you to be yourself. Do make sure that the photographer/ videographer has equipment and/or knowledge of proper lighting, as your entire look can be spoilt under poor lighting conditions.

  • Wedding Website


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A wedding website is a must! It’s the cutest & the most practical way to keep in touch with family overseas & close friends months before they meet you on your wedding functions. And it provides a countdown to D-day, too – exciting much!?

In the end, we’d offer our last piece of advice – Always book your wedding vendors as soon as you’ve decided on your dates, in order to avoid disappointment. Happy Planning!

Love & Positive Vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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