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Bar Bar Dekho!

Every couple wants their wedding guests to have a ball at their celebration, and they know for a fact that having a free-flowing bar is one of the key ingredients in that heady cocktail of a wish. Here are some interesting and exclusive bar decor elements that will turn your cocktail-filled function into a high-concept piece de resistance!

  • Desi Kitsch


Photo Source: The Wedding Designers

Dressing up the bar as a desi truck loaded with cocktails, mocktails, shots, alcohol-fused chuski pop/ baraf ka gola, et al. could easily become the main attraction of your Mehndi ceremony. Not only is it easy to implement, this truck bar will also adapt wonderfully to any vibrant theme you’ve chosen for your ceremony. Don’t be surprised if you find some of your crazy friends singing ‘Main Nikla, O Gaddi leke’ once they spot this booze truck!

  • Ice, Ice Baby


Photo Source: Art Below Zero, Event FAQs & Cool Creations

Bars sculpted from crystal clear ice with ice sculptures adorning them will create a spectacular and unforgettable set-up. Help your friends chill out with some cocktails brimming with ice, and most importantly, ice-cold shots, through this unique and dramatic bar idea.

  • Beach Mela


Photo Source: The Wedding Bartenders

Beach weddings following Indian themes can opt for a ‘dhaba-style’ drinks counter, wherein a ‘thela’ with brightly colored accents such as drapes and floral garlands will definitely add traditional pomp and oomph to the venue. Include innovative drinks such as Tamarind Vodka and Masala Martini into this desi-style bar’s menu to woo your ‘daaru-baaz’ guests.

  • Bar on the horizon


Photo Source: Tirtha Bridal

This exquisite bar at the Tirtha Bridal, one of the most elegant wedding venues in Bali, backlit in translucent cerulean hues, seems to hover magically on the edge of an infinity pool, where it’s framed by Hampton lanterns and the Indian Ocean in the backdrop.

  • Neon all the way


Photo Source: Phuket Best Photography

Want to add a pop of pizzazz to your bar? Try incorporating neon colors in the form of neon stirrers, shot glasses and LED ice cubes that will make every glass seem like a work of art, especially at night. Ask your bartender to pair these with different cocktails and layered drinks in various colors for a greater illumined impact.

  • Wedding Bar Decor

Photo Source: The Wedding Bartenders

And of course, adding ‘Bar Rules’ and signage to your pool party will definitely add to the ‘vibe’ of the event, and encourage your booze-loving guests to drink and dance until they reach their high spirits!

Love & Positive Vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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