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11 Times Floral Decor Arrangements Were Done Right!

Whether you are at a North Indian wedding, a Christian wedding, an Orthodox wedding, a South Indian wedding, or a Muslim wedding, there is one element that binds them all together (no, we are not talking about the bride and groom). It’s the floral arrangements. No wedding in the world is complete without some flowers to add to the celebration in some way. Whether it be a sign of fertility or their aesthetic value, a floral wreathe or a bouquet of flowers are somehow always present.

Since they are so crucial to a wedding, don’t overlook the floral arrangements that will adorn your special day. Take a look at some of the most unique and beautiful floral arrangements that will have the guests gushing and you blushing.

1.    Garland-Draped Ceiling

Photo Source: Judy Pak Photography

These leafy green garlands will instantly give a magical forest and earthy feel to you and your guests.

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Top Poolside Decor Ideas For Your Wedding Pool Party!

Weddings are all about fun, celebration, laughter, family, friends, oh and looking fit… and that is precisely what we think of when we hear of swimming pools! So, why not merge the two?

Poolside celebrations are epic for everyone and versatile enough to embody fun, color, class and sophistication. Here are some ideas for you to get started on your décor, so let’s splash right in!

Floating flowers

Photo Source: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to decorate a pool is by adding floating flowers. You can play around with styles – simply float individual flowers, create beautiful floating bouquets or wreathes, or just sprinkle flower petals on the water.

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Guest Post: Top Tips For Hosting Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding can be incredibly beautiful and romantic. After all, what can be more romantic than being joined to your soulmate surrounded by the bounty of nature? However, it’s not that easy to pull off the perfect outdoor wedding and you may find several pitfalls while putting it all together. Here are some top tips for outdoor weddings to ensure you can get hitched without a hitch at gorgeous wedding venues, such as McHughs of Cheltenham!

Photo Source: Undercover Live Entertainment

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Guest Post: 5 Color Themes for Mehndi this Summer!

Gone are those days where all Mehndi functions had the gende ka phool (marigold flower) theme. Here are 5 refreshing color themes for weddings this summer that will totally spunk up your Mehndi day!

  • Mela themed Mehndi

Photo Source: Dkreate Photography

It’s fun, refreshing and super colorful for a Mehndi function. Apart from just the décor, it’s a great way to keep the guests occupied with games and local food after the function is over. Beautiful and colorful hues such as yellow and blue will definitely bring out the liveliness of the event. Read More