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Guest Post: Inspiration is Everywhere!

Wedding planning consists of the following emotions: excitement (lots of it), confusion, stress and eventually you might find yourself breaking your head against a wall! More often than not, the problem is not the organizational side of the wedding, but the idea generation. It’s not good enough to own a few Pinterest boards, to collect magazine cut outs and to surf the web for original undone ideas – you will find that you will start to run through the same ideas over and over again.


Photo Source: WeddingNama Photography

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Slicing your Wedding Budget

By far the biggest challenge in your wedding planning process is managing the budget i.e. how much you should spend on each category of your budget. It is challenging because it forces you to answer a few uncomfortable questions. But trust me, once you have answers to those questions, you would have cleared one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hurdles in your wedding journey. I believe in you!

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Guest Post: Wedding Trends Debunked!

Planning your wedding is hard enough, and finding unique ways to impress and entertain guests often proves to be an even tougher task. And as you wedding hop, you soon see the same features being used over and over again. Mason jars filled with candy, flowers and candles – it’s all been done and dusted. Here are some interesting and innovative ways to overcome some of the most overdone trends and some alternatives too.

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Best of Bridal Fashion Lights Up the Ramp at ‘The Ajman Palace Hotel Wedding Fair’

Beljour Attire_02

Designer: Beljour Attire | Photo Source: Marketing Pro-Junction

A spectacular evening of Couture and Bridal wear awaited fashionistas at ‘The Ajman Palace Hotel Wedding Fair’. Featuring an impressive line-up of fashion designers from the UAE as well as India’s foremost couture designer Ritu Kumar, the show was opened by world-famous Emirati Fashion Designer Mona Al Mansouri (2014 United Nations Goodwill Ambassador).

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Dreaming of a Destination Wedding? Decide here!

There was a time when destination weddings were equivalent or closely synonymous to an old-school version of eloping. Believe it or not, many people thought that such a concept could only mean one thing – the family did not approve of the wedding. With time, views have changed, with destination weddings now perceived as a way to contain your guest-list to close family and friends or to make your wedding a spectacle event. Here are a few practical reasons as to why one should have a destination wedding.


Photo Source: The Lalit Hotel Group

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Take your Wedding into Account!

Your wedding is quite possibly the most costly event of your life. Whether you’ve decided on a lavish wedding or keeping it in the family, having a budget and following your budget is key in every wedding. There have been “small” weddings in the past that have turned into unnecessarily expensive ones due to lack of expense management. Vice versa, there have been lavish weddings that have managed to stay within their budgets and sometimes even remain under their budget. So, which kind of a person are you? (…. hopefully the latter) Read More