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Off-beat yet Gorgeous Honeymoon spots in Europe

Europe seems to be the best choice for a honeymoon, with the city of love, Paris topping the charts. There are the archetypical cities of Florence, Rome, Prague, etc. as well. However, Europe has a lot more to offer to a newlywed couple who is looking forward to spend quality time together, devoid the hustle and bustle of a typical European destination brimming with camera-clad tourists. If you are looking for a destination where the only attraction on your checklist is your special someone, look no further. Here is a list of charming, offbeat, romantic treasures in Europe, which provide the setting for the idyllic honeymoon of one’s dreams.

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Photo Source: Auto Europe Travel Blog

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Guest Post: Buzzing Wedding Trends in UAE

Everyone still believes that it was just another dream for them to witness one of the jaw-dropping wedding events of the sons & daughters of many millionaires. Weddings of such glam, glitz and stature have always fascinated us and we can never have enough of it. Hence we think of planning a wedding décor which sets the mood, creates the drama and is sure to turn heads of not just one, but all your guests. Every time you see a wedding happening, you think of taking notes of every minute detail, but soon all those details are washed away. Finalizing on a wedding concept can be the hardest of tasks, and thus we have shortlisted some of the best wedding decorations which are quite in trend these days.

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Photo Source: FNP Floral Touch

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Guest Post: Australian Designs for Wedding Invitations

Some may argue that wedding invitations have become unnecessary with the internet making communicating with friends and family so easy, but I disagree. Wedding invitations play a vital role as they become the introduction to your wedding day – they are your guests’ first glimpse at the kind of wedding they’ll be attending.

They are a crucial detail that should not be overlooked or underestimated, and here in Australia, it’s definitely becoming a trend to choose original, custom-made wedding stationery. Wedding invitations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or in any other Australian city have their own particular style, with the Australian aesthetic providing great inspiration for your wedding invitation design.


Photo Source: Paperlust

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DIY Bridal Facial Masks Part 2

You always seem to fall short on time during a wedding. For every bride, her wedding day is special. Brides often spend a huge sum of money on beauty products or beauty treatments before their wedding. You don’t have to; instead save that money for something you need the most. Opt for homemade beauty treatments instead, which are easy to make, and you won’t end up spending a large sum on getting treated at a beauty salon. You can have youthful glowing skin with homemade beauty masks, which you should start using at least a month before your Big Day. Here are s few more facial masks, which I have tried and tested myself, which you can apply regularly since they are all natural and contain no side-effects; within a month you should notice baby soft skin with a dewy glow on your face.

Photo Source: Getty Images

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Nailed it!

All eyes will be on your mitts as you put your wedding ring on for the very first time. From matte-finish manis to glamorous glitter tips, it’s easy to see how you (a bride-to-be) can get lost on your quest for the perfect wedding nails. If you’re wondering whether you should wear color on your nails for your Big Day, or experiment a bit and play with nail art, look no further! We bring to you the hottest bridal nail styles, showcasing various nail prints and designs. Choose from understated pale colors, asymmetrical lines and Dubai-inspired bling when looking to add a touch of glitz to your wedding nails.nails the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Reddit

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