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Raising the Bar!

It’s not just the Band, Baaja and Baarat that make a wedding rocking and memorable. Our old friend ‘Alcohol’ is the one that adds the masti and icing on the wedding shenanigans! Barring the religious ceremonies, almost every function is an occasion of celebration, wherein booze amplifies the festive mood.

Good liquor, combined with some quirky presentation styles, will always ensure that your friends and relatives stay ‘happy high’ at your wedding. So incorporate your wedding theme into these fancy cocktails and crazy shots, or vice-versa!

Photo Source: Wedding ChicksMazel Moments

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Guest Post: Budget-friendly Backyard Wedding Bash

For a bride and groom to-be, planning a wedding is a special thing. They try to make this once in a lifetime event great and perfect. But not all couples have big budgets to spare. There are a lot of ideas and styles of weddings out there that they can explore to fit their budget, one of them being backyard wedding ideas. This idea is perfect for those who want their special event to become more intimate and unique.


Photo Source: Interclodesigns

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Guest Post: Tips for Budget Wedding Venues

Deciding the wedding venue is one of the most important things to consider. Some couples want to have a bright and sparkling wedding in a famous hotel, but that will turn out to be quite expensive. Or there are others who wish to have a destination wedding, which is costly as well. But if you have a limited budget for your wedding venue, don’t worry! We’ll help you decide on a cost-effective venue.


Photo Source: IntercloDesigns

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7 Poses Every Bride Should Do To Show Off Her Mehendi!

Ever wondered why we apply mehndi on our hands and feet just before our Big Day?

Besides lending color to the hands, Mehndi is a very powerful medicinal herb. Weddings are stressful, and more often than not, the stress causes headaches and fevers. As the wedding day approaches, the excitement mixed with nervous anticipation can take its toll on the bride and the groom. Application of mehndi can prevent too much stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense.

So you see ladies, sitting for three hours just to apply mehndi on your hands and feet will well be worth it, especially if you’ve managed to capture a fun-filled and quirky pose, like any of the ones below:


Photo Source: The Cheesecake Project

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Guest Post: Dress Up Guide for an Expectant Wedding Guest

As we all know, choosing a guest outfit for a wedding is challenging at the best of times. Our outfit needs to adhere to the dress code, be respectful and we also need to be mindful of the season and weather. Finding a go-to dress for the seemingly endless wedding season becomes even more of a challenge when you’re fitting a growing belly. For some, it’s nothing short of a sartorial nightmare.

pregnant-wman-dancing the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: True Romance Weddings

As an expectant guest, there are quite a few factors that you will need to consider to ensure you look (and feel) your best on the day, other than adhering to the dress code. Thankfully, there’s a lot more fashion choice for pregnant women these days. With the help of these simple guidelines listed below, there is absolutely no reason why an expectant guest can’t be the best dressed guest.

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