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Wedding Venue Selection Tips!

A major part of the wedding planning revolves around the venue, and hence selecting it requires a lot of thought and effort. Here are some tips to help you narrow down the most apt location for your Big Day!

  1. Capacity

Photo Source: Hitched

A guest list should be prepared that will give a relatively fair idea of the capacity required at the venue. Further, keep some additional provision in case of other activities such as dances, photo-booths, presentations, food set up, etc.

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Guest Post: 10 Ways to Reuse Wedding Decor in Your Home!

You plan and prepare for months to make sure that everything goes perfectly on your Big Day. You put a lot of effort, time and money in deciding the perfect style and picking the best décor items for your wedding ceremony. Naturally, you feel sad when it’s over and it’s time to wrap up things. You have lots of items to sort through and decide whether you want to keep them or sell.

Why clutter your storage with cartons of candles, lights and vases when you can creatively reuse them around your home? You will cherish these things in your home as they will remind you of your Big Day and, of course, save you some money! Here are 10 stylish ways to incorporate used wedding decor in your home.

  1. Rug

Photo Source: Weddbook

Don’t rent the rug where you are going to exchange your wedding vows! Buy an area rug for this purpose so that later on, you can easily fit it in any room in your home. Besides warming up and completing the look of the room, it will always remind you of your special day. Read More

UAE Radio Presenter & Blogger Tamanna Wahi’s Roka (Engagement) Ceremony in Dubai!

Ajayjit Singh runs a family business and Tamanna Wahi is a Radio Presenter with Radio Mirchi UAE & award winning UAE based blogger.

Tamanna’s version:

“Mein tera boyfriend, tu meri girlfriend, oh meinu keindi, na-na-na-naa”

The song was blaring in the background as we first locked our gaze upon each other and felt the electricity in the air. “Was this the same boy who I have considered my family friend since 20 years?” I caught myself thinking as he caught my hand and twirled me away from our friends on his 28th birthday.

And just like that, a dramatic series of events began to unfold as we told both our mothers (who are in fact best friends since 20 years) and witnessed the transformation of their initial panic and resistance into the full acceptance and delight of both families.

The Engagement:

Our Roka (engagement) ceremony was initiated with a humble request for blessings of the almighty at the Guru Nanak Darbar in Jebel Ali, Dubai and climaxed in typical Punjabi fashion with celebrations continuing over the next two days!

With the Roka ceremony completed, both families made their way to the Roda Murooj Hotel opposite Dubai Mall to kick off a suave cocktail party and welcome the couple amongst all their close friends and family. The night was hosted by the entire Radio Mirchi UAE team and DJ Gautam (Resident DJ for AKS nights) kept the dance floor burning into the wee hours of the night. Chef Pradeep Khullar from Jodhpur restaurant, took meticulous care to ensure every guest enjoyed his award winning selection of exotic food and beverages. The cake featured a mini version of the couple as they looked on the day, thanks to Sugaholic Dubai.

Who can ever be satisfied with just one cocktail party? The next day, we invited the extended groups of dear friends and family who couldn’t be with us in Dubai to join us for dinner and drinks at the Singh’s residence in Abu Dhabi.

We’ve now got a big fat wedding to plan, which is scheduled for early next year, and my closest friends from school are flying me out to Prague and Budapest for my bachelorette. You can follow the rest of our journey and catch these precious moments on our wedding hashtag #AjKiTamanna. Cheers!

Photography & Videography – Edge Marketing Services

Event Décor (Jodhpur Restaurant) – Edge Marketing Services

Outfits – Tamanna’s Pink Outfit at Gurudwara – Sanskriti (Mina Bazaar) | Tamanna’s Silver Gown at Jodhpur – Gaurav Gupta (The Rack By Kachins) | Tamanna’s Navy Blue Gown at Singh Residence – Masala Chai Dubai | Ajayjit’s Jacket at Singh Residence – Vavci


Ideas For Mehndi Favors!

Mehndi functions are one of the most sought after functions by the guests at desi weddings. Colors, music, dhols (drums), dance and Mehndi are some of the elements that define this elaborate pre-wedding event. To enhance this experience for the guests, hosts of the function usually arrange themed favors/gifts. Continuing from our previous post, we present you some ideas on gifting for your Mehndi!

  1. Bangles

Photo Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Bangles are one of the most popular gifting items at Mehndi functions these days. Available in different colors, styles and metals, bangles can bring a smile on any girl/woman’s face. It is important however, to choose the bangle sizes appropriately, so as to ensure that most guests are able to wear them.

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Argentine Footballer Lionel Messi Ties The Knot With Childhood Sweetheart In Argentina!

On June 30th, two childhood sweethearts who’ve known each other since 25 years, were united in marriage. Lionel Messi, 30, and Antonella Roccuzzo, 29, met when they were just five years old, and have been living together in Barcelona with their two sons for the past few years. Antonella is the cousin of Messi’s best friend, Lucas Scaglia.

Photo Source: The Sun

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Unique & New Decor Ideas!

With the wedding season soon approaching, everyone is hunting for new ideas to make their functions unique. Adding a personal touch to the whole wedding experience has become so important, not just for the guests but for the bride and groom as well. This blog post explores ideas to make your wedding a different one.

Outdoor wedding

Photo Source: Pinterest

Decorating with fairy lights and candles or lanterns has always been a good idea and has never gone out of style, and must definitely be considered for an outdoor wedding.

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Top 8 Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoots In Delhi!

Do you want to escape the chaotic albeit loved wedding planning  processthat accompanies every Indian wedding? Do you want to spend some carefree, romantic moments with your soulmate, before you tie the knot? We suggest you opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot which gives you time to spend with your future spouse, while creating some permanent memories! Sounds like a win-win situation!

Find a photographer, choose a theme and pick a location. And of course, you can always rely on us for some help. So, here are some of the best locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot in and around Delhi.

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The #itsAMoRA Wedding In Florence Is All We’re Drooling Over!

Florence probably hasn’t been much in demand for hosting a lot of weddings for a few centuries, but it was given a glimpse of royalty just last week.

Jakarta-based couple Rachel Nathani and Amrit Lakhiani got hitched at their luxurious destination wedding in Florence a few days ago. Rachel is the founder and director of Label Ideas & Co., a branding firm, and Berrywell, a venture in the health food industry. Her fiancee-turned-husband, Amrit, is a real-estate developer. Nothing less than a powerhouse couple, both were ranked under the ’40 under 40′ tag by Prestige Indonesia in October 2015.

But their professional lives aren’t the only aspect of their lives we are envious about; their personal lives are equally drool-worthy.  This eye-candy couple had been dating for over three years, when Amrit finally asked Rachel the big question atop a yacht in Bali last year. Once wedding planning began, this adorable couple created their own Instagram account itsamora2017 and  used the hashtag #itsAMoRA for their big event.

Yeah, let out that sigh. We won’t judge you if you decide to head to the fridge for a tub of chocolate ice cream and put on a rom-com because that’s as romantic as normal people get.

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