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Super Fun Goa Bachelorette With Funky Survival Kits!

Last year this time, it was the most exciting time for me because my sister was going to get married, and we had her bachelorette coming up. This bunch of girls she had finalised for the bachelorette holiday were constantly in touch planning crazy things and cute surprises for the Goa bachelorette. A week or 10 days before the bachelorette, we all started getting surprise pink boxes, now these boxes were the ceremonial bridesmaid invites that she had got delivered to all of us. It was these pink personalised boxes with the alphabet of each bridesmaid on their box, and inside was cute things like a shot glass, a scented candle, some cosmetics and accessories, a picture frame of a picture of each one of us with the bride, a tiny book that described the bond with the bride and a long personal letter from the bride (my sister) asking each one of us to be her bridesmaid and why it’s so special for her, for us to be by her side. My invite was the most special as I was given the huge honour of being the maid of honor, so I had got a beautifully decorated pink box, with the longest message. The invite was so pretty that most of us had happy tears in our eyes when we received it. She gave out most of them personally but since one or two of us lived out of town she had to ship it to us; nevertheless the excitement and reaction was the same. It was beautiful and made the bachelorette trip planning all the more exciting. And finally in October we all headed for this bachelorette weekend with some great memories to share.

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