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Candid Tales – a first-timer in Dubai

How does a crew of filmmakers all the way from India navigate the rapid events of a wedding stretched across two days to capture all the moments that relate the couple’s story as well as encapsulate the essence of the City of Gold, Dubai? Namrata, our scriptwriter, speaks to one such team, Candid Tales Photography, that managed to do an immaculate job, especially as a first-timer in Dubai.

candid tales

1) Tell us more about your venture, including how you got into the wedding industry, how many years has it been, etc? Also, mention if there is a particular type of style you adopt while shooting.

Candid Tales started 4 years back by documenting a friend’s sister wedding and ultimately became a full-time wedding production company offering Candid Photography and Cinematography primarily. We love to find the uniqueness in things and capture the love, emotion and passion of the most-awaited day in a couple’s life and craft it into a beautiful story by anticipating moments by being quiet, unobtrusive and invisible as a photographer.


2) You recently came to Dubai to shoot a wedding. Tell us about your experience as a first-timer here. Also mention your favourite spot in Dubai to shoot at or otherwise.

Being a first-timer in Dubai, we were very excited to document an Indian wedding happening in Dubai. It was a great experience as everything we saw made us push our creative limits a little bit further, including locales like incredible cityscapes, dense deserts and beautiful beaches.


3) What would you say makes Dubai a favourable choice for destination weddings? How much did this location affect your cinematography – did it make the process easier or more difficult to work around with.

Dubai is indeed one of our favourite destination for weddings, as we met people from different religions and social backgrounds and cultures. Being first-timers in Dubai, we had to be very careful since the city was new for us and we faced quite a few difficulties, such as drone permissions, etc., but once we surpassed them, the entire process seemed quite easy and hassle-free. Capturing some shots of the city, especially the Dubai fountain, was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had.


4) What did a wedding day schedule look like? Did the weather affect your schedule in any way in Dubai?

The wedding took place on the evening of the first day, followed by a reception on the second day. It was a beautiful wedding, and was well-planned by the bride, Tanvi. The weather in Dubai was pleasant and hence, in our favour and played an important role during the shoot.


Candid Tales is the brainchild of 2 photographers who believe in delivering optimum quality pictures, in both content and creativity, to their clients. Based in New Delhi, they are a candid and destination wedding photographer and cinematographer. Visit candidtales.com to see clips from their films.

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