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Brother Of The Bride/Groom – Here’s What You Got To Do So That Your Sibling Has A Wedding To Remember!

Your sibling’s wedding is definitely a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because your family will be less by one, but sweet because it’s going to have an additional member.

Just imagine, your jiju/ bhabhi could become your new partner-in-crime against your sibling!!

But during the whole wedding fiasco when the entire family is focusing their attention on your sibling, there are some tasks that are meant just for you, as the brother.

Photo Source: MP Singh Photography

  • Taking care of all the preps before the wedding, because you’ll be the mediator between your sibling’s wishes and your parents.
  • Sneaking your sister out to meet the fiancé / covering up for your brother when he goes MIA!!

Photo Source: The Wedding Story

  • Making sure all your sibling’s favorite songs are there on the playlist for the Cocktail/ Sangeet night – because you’ve known them better than their fiancé ever will!!
  • Walk your sister to the mandap – holding the phoolon ki chaddar is one of the most important moments for a brother in the wedding. Brother of the groom, make sure you get a shot of him when he sees her for the first time!

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  • Hatching a plan with your cousins to rob the groom’s shoes! Or saving it from the ladkiwalas!!
  • Feeding the bride/ groom is not just the sister’s duty, you can also fulfill this duty and click a picture to capture this rare moment!

Photo Source: Devasyah Studios

  • Dancing your ass off at her cocktail party! And making sure all the friends are having a good time. After all, your sibling gets married just once.
  • Secret task – find a suitable girl for yourself too!

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  • And finally, hugging the shit out of your sibling to show them how happy you are for them!

Photo Source: South Asian Bride Magazine

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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